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Articles by Sophie Austin

Sophie Austin, Site Manager for moved to Sweden in 2017 from London, England, where she spent 3 years working in the education sector.

Sophie has a First Class Bachelor’s Degree from King’s College London and a Masters in Creative Writing from Stockholm University. A qualified writer, alongside her work Sophie has written two books and is a contributing writer for the 2019 UK L&D Report.

She writes predominantly on the following topics:

  • Whitepapers and reports
  • HR and L&D Trends
  • Apprenticeships
  • Salary and skills guides


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Last updated: 26/09/2019

The Importance of Literature in Modern Society

It entertains us, provides us with knowledge and helps us to understand topics of enduring importance. But just how important is literature in today's fast-paced and increasingly digitised society?

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Last updated: 24/07/2019

Average Salary UK | 2019

Find out the average UK salary 2019 in our latest update The Office of National Statistics has released its provisional update of the UK Average Salary 2019, showing that the average full-time salary is £36,611 and average part-time salary is £12,495. Whilst the full results have not been updated yet (find the current table of full results for the UK Average Salary here) it looks as though UK ...
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Last updated: 30/04/2019

Average UK Salary | HR

Find out how much you can earn with a career in HR, including UK average salary data for the following jobs: HR managers, HR directors and HR administrators. For those in full-time work, the UK Average Salary is £35,423 and £12,083 for those in part-time. HR Managers and HR Directors, therefore, earn nearly £21k over the average. Those who work in HR officer and HR administrator roles fu ...
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Last updated: 30/04/2019

Average UK Salary | Law

Find out how much you can earn with a career in law, including UK average salary data for the following jobs: legal associates, solicitors, legal secretaries and more! The Office of National Statistics has released figures showing that those in legal professions, especially those more at more senior levels, earn over the national average. For those in law the average salary is £49,177 per yea ...
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Last updated: 11/04/2019

Average UK Salary | Marketing

Find out how much you can earn with a career in marketing, including UK average salary data for the following jobs: marketing director salary, web design salary, content writers salary and more! Want to find out how the average salary for careers in marketing stacks up to the UK Average Salary? You've come to the right place! Find out what the average salary in marketing is for the most popul ...
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Last updated: 30/04/2019

Average UK Salary | Sales

Find out how much you can earn with a career in sales, including UK average salary data for the following jobs: sales manager salary, sales executive salary, sales director salary and more!  Average salary data is helpful to existing and prospective sales professionals wanting to benchmark their earnings, or plan their earning potential across the course of their career.
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Last updated: 27/03/2019

Supporting Apprentices: Why Companies Should Do More

Find out what why companies need to do more to support the welfare of their apprentices. Apprenticeships are a hot topic in the UK at the moment - especially in light of the 2020 drop-off and the skills gap predicted to be caused by Brexit. However, what are companies doing to support the apprentices in their business? How are they making sure they have all the tools, and welfare benefits, th ...
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Last updated: 15/07/2019

Apprenticeships: Ignore Them At Your Peril

Find out what strategies companies are employing to ensure they make themost of ‘The Apprenticeship Levy’. When you think of the term apprentice, often what springs to mind is someone fresh out ofschool looking to take the first step on the career ladder. Many still don’t realise that there are a wealth of apprenticeships at bachelor’s and even master’s level aimed at training every level of the w ...

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Last updated: 15/07/2019

Communication Skills: How to Improve & Break Down Barriers to Communication

‘No man is an island’. Each and every one of us needs to communicate on a regular basis with others, in both our professional and private lives. Indeed, humankind has succeeded through the ability to cooperate in groups, exchange information and build sustainable relationships. We should be highly evolved to communicate effectively and successfully and yet; so many relationships suffer or break do ...
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Last updated: 09/07/2019

Job Specific Skills & How to Get Them

Carve out and cultivate your own career path A recent study has revealed how UK industries are attracting the hottest graduate talent in the country and what key skills they’re looking for to find the very best people for the roles they have to offer. One thing is clear, companies are willing to pay the right price to secure the best talent, with business leaders offering top salaries for tho ...
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U.K. L&D Report: 2019 - Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

Are you curious about the L&D strategies of some of the U.K.'s top companies?

Find out what they're up to in's second annual U.K. L&D Report!


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