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Course participant reviews for ACI Learning

Average rating 4.8

Based on 149 reviews.

Jason K.
Absolutely amazing, a lot of knowledge to be shared when I go back you my company.
Zachary T.
The program over achieved its objectives for me, as I am in the process of starting the external assessment project. Liz provided me with insights and great responses for my queries.
Gretchen D.
A very good course, I learned a lot.
Rebecca B.
Content was up to date with current examples.
Kara J.
The program has been very enlightening
Ariel W.
I really get a lot of information as this is my first auditing course ever
Amanda M.
I liked the comprehensive coverage.
James M.
Interesting to get a start in IT audit and get to know technical aspects. Personally, I especially apppreciated day 2 and 3 with the explanations of more technical aspects, rather than the more general auditing technique aspects which I am supposed to more or less know already.
Maxwell J.
Rachel H.
Constructive feedback: The final three days used greater use of case studies, but for the first two days we were heavily being talked at. It may be a personal preference but I would have favoured being tasked with more challenges throughout the first couple of days to help see if I was taking on board what was being taught.
Molly E.
Well presented and detailed.
Thomas K.
The topic of the training program is interesting and very beneficial in optimizing audit function resources to fulfil the business needs of setting reliance on risk mitigation and control effectiveness through the application of the Continuous Audit Approach in conjunction with conducting Data Analytics utilizing the data analysis market leading...
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Mary F.
Learned new methods to think about assessing risk
Andrew C.
Jennifer W.
I would like to thank you for the course and the deep knowledge that we gained.
Adriana D.
The course provides an overview of the main topic regarding innovation in IA
Bridget O.
Kristín Baldursdóttir
Liz is an extremely competent facilitator. The course deepened my knowledge and insights on internal auditing.
Faith B.
Inspiring and gained a lot of new knowlegde
Randall P.
Liz is an extremely competent facilitator. The course deepend my knowledge and and insights on inernal auditing.
Mark E.
The overall agenda for the Leadership School covered several key topics, the difficulty in presenting lies more with the diverse background of the participants and in ensuring that focus is delivered for the benefit of all the participants. There were some topic areas where my current IA team are way ahead of many other organisations and conseq...
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Chris U.
Good topics and trainer, I felt engaged across most of the four days. However, the lack of participants with international audit experience was a distinct drawback.
Kevin H.
This course was super helpful for me.
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