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Brilliant Customer Service

Brilliant Customer Service

Brilliant Customer Service - Improve customer service standards, systems and skills

Brilliant Customer Service is a UK company that offers a wide range of training courses for organisations that aim to improve their levels of customer service skills. With over 20 years of experience, the team has developed various methodologies that can be used in situations such as B2B, technical and internal customer service.

With a proven record of great training, the courses are available range from desk skills and consulting skills that help make organisations more customer friendly, and are delivered by a number of experienced trainers who have a proven track record. Brilliant's approach is to instruct and inspire candidates, focusing on training courses that are practical and informative.

Brilliant's flagship programme is the 'Brilliant Customer Service Training' course, a one day workshop that is delivered across the UK and also internationally. It can be provided in-house at company premises for up to 20 people.

Courses are available to be altered to focus on specific customer service techniques that may be lacking more than others at a business, and these tailored courses can easily be arranged by just calling Brilliant to arrange. A number of training options are also available to be completely bespoke and designed entirely by the client, giving maximum benefit to the organisation. 

 Contact Brilliant Customer Service today to find out what course will give you the boost to improve your career.

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Brilliant Customer Service

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