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Kirkpatrick Certification - Become an Evaluation Expert

DPG plc, In London
2 days
2 days

Course description

Are you looking to join thousands of L&D professionals and line managers that have gained the internationally recognised Kirkpatrick Certifications?

DPG offer both open and in-house programmes, where there are 6 or more people. You can rest assured the in-house programme is both cost and time efficient, with the facilitator attending your chosen location to minimise disruption and time away from the office. The content can also be tailored to your individual organisation’s needs.

“When we started our workshop training, I already had a basic knowledge about evaluation and the Kirkpatrick model, however I was eager to learn more about the new model of ROE. The sessions were very interactive and practical, with hands on experience of how to apply the learning in context with my specific work area. For me, the light bulb moment was the realisation that you start at L4 identify your desired results and leading indicators to measure if you’re on track, and design your training to reflect that outcome.

Following the training, ‘Nelly’ emails started to arrive daily and I thought I’d feel anxious of being tested – but the opposite is true! I enjoy the ‘Nelly challenge’ and am surprised at just how competitive I am with myself, to improve my score month by month! I use the results to highlight my weakness and focus my development in those areas, by refreshing my knowledge using materials from the Kirkpatrick training and sharing best practice with my peer group.” Lesley Blower, Learning Resource Manager, npower

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Course Content

Bronze Level Certification

Attain Bronze Level Kirkpatrick Certification by attending a 2-day Bronze Certification Programme and successfully completing a Kirkpatrick post-work Evaluation Plan.

After completing the pre-work, the 2-day workshop and post-work assignment, you will be confident and competent in applying the model to Learning and Development projects in your organisation. Your personalised plan will receive feedback from our Kirkpatrick-Accredited facilitators, who will support you in championing the model within your organisation.

A unique feature of this programme is the focus on how any learning is transferred through changing behaviours leading to sustained business change. You will learn why training alone is not enough, and receive guidance to make sure that your approaches are collaborative and your solutions transfer into action and desired change.

Silver Level Certification

Become Silver Certified in the New World Kirkpatrick Model by attending the 1-day Silver Programme and conference calls before successfully completing an Individual Action Plan and Final Report.

The Silver Certification workshop focuses on how to engage stakeholders and present your successes. Designed to be attended when a programme is in implementation, Kirkpatrick Silver Level Certification is obtained after the participant makes a final presentation of the programme’s outcome and results via a conference call scheduled within 12 months of course attendance.

Gold Level Certification

The Gold Level is open to those who have attained Kirkpatrick Silver Level Certification, and is provided at no charge.

Silver Certified individuals become Gold Certified by presenting or publishing a programme evaluation process, results or best practices in a way that assists other training or business professionals. Examples include having an article published in a trade magazine, presenting at a trade event or to an audience outside your own organisation, or having a case example included in a book, journal or white paper.

Training Course Content

During this programme, you learn the four levels of training evaluation, receive a comprehensive participant guide filled with practical examples and templates that you may borrow and adapt to build your own tools and course critiques, and gain a complete understanding of what each level measures.

You also explore the reasons why training evaluation is critical to training success and hear case studies and success stories from companies that have used the Kirkpatrick Model effectively. You will also learn tactics to help you allocate training resources effectively within your organisation to help you maximise the impact of your budget.