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HOT Engineering - Oil & Gas training courses

HOT – World Class Training for Oil & Gas Professionals

HOT is a leading oil and gas training provider and E&P consulting company. We come together as a multidisciplinary team, combining 30 years of training and consulting experience to deliver state of the art public courses, bespoke in-house courses, long-term development programmes, on-the-job training and field trips.

For three decades we have successfully assisted thousands of you – oil and gas industry professionals – by improving your knowledge, skills and expertise. Our training courses and development services provide a networking and technical exchange platform as well as an opportunity for interaction with our professional, high-quality and internationally renowned experts.


Courses - HOT Engineering

Open / Scheduled
Business & Management Length sort Price sort Location sort Reviews sort
Basic Petroleum Economics 3 days 2,650 EUR Multiple (2)
Petroleum Economics and Business 4 days 3,000 EUR Multiple (2)          
Change Management
Cultural Change Training 5 days 3,800 USD Astana
Leadership Development / Skills
Problem Solving and Decision Making 5 days 2,950 EUR Vienna
Management Development
New Thinking For Managers. The Winning Toolkit for Difficult Times 4 days 3,800 USD Abu Dhabi
The Senior Management Program: Developing Leadership Capacity 4 days 2,900 EUR Munich
Communication Skills
Effective Technical Writing for Exploration & Production Staff - A Structured System 3 days 2,490 EUR Vienna          
Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills for Petroleum Professionals - Presenting with Confidence 5 days 2,950 EUR Vienna
Renewable Energy Primer 3 days 2,250 EUR Vienna
Accountancy / Bookkeeping
Exploration & Production Accounting - Level 1 3 days 2,490 EUR Vienna          
Exploration & Production Accounting - Level 3 5 days 3,200 EUR Vienna          
Human Resources
International and Comparative HR Strategies 5 days 3,800 USD Astana
Managing and Developing Human Resources 5 days 3,250 SEK Vienna
Performance Management
Performance Management 5 days 3,250 EUR Vienna
Negotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry 5 days 3,100 EUR Vienna
Office Management
Effective Office Management Skills 5 days 2,990 EUR Vienna          
Oil & Gas
Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling 5 days 4,500 USD Abu Dhabi
Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation on the Field 4 days 4,000 EUR Palermo
Exploration Economics 3 days 3,100 USD Muscat
Global Deep-Water Siliciclastic Reservoirs 3 days 2,650 EUR Multiple (2)
International Natural Gas Business 4 days 2,950 EUR Vienna
Introduction to Refining Technologies and Refinery Conception 4 days 4,000 USD Dubai
Oil Processing Fundamentals 4 days Worldwide
Petroleum Systems and Play Analysis 5 days 3,250 EUR Vienna
Production Assurance - Troubleshooting and Guidelines in Oil & Gas Production Operations 5 days 3,250 EUR Multiple (2)          
Production Chemistry for Non-Production Chemists 5 days Worldwide          
Applied Structural Geology 5 days 4,500 USD Abu Dhabi
Basin Analysis and Modelling Workshop 10 days 8,200 USD Abu Dhabi
Fundamental Skills for Petroleum Geoscientists 5 days 3,250 EUR Vienna
Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology 5 days 3,250 EUR Vienna
Introduction to Geomechanics 5 days 4,500 USD Abu Dhabi
North Atlantic Margin Petroleum Systems, Morocco 6 days 4,500 USD Marrakesh
Petroleum Geoscience for Non-Geologists 5 days 4,400 USD Muscat
Play Assessment and Prospect Evaluation 3 days 2,490 EUR Vienna
Play Mapping and Exploration Strategy - A Hands-on Approach 3 days 2,900 USD Multiple (2)          
Pore Pressure, Fracture Pressure & Wellbore Stability Management 5 days 3,250 EUR Multiple (2)          
Reservoir Characterisation and Quality from Drill Cuttings 3 days 3,100 USD Abu Dhabi          
Structural Geology, Stratigraphic Architecture and Trap Styles of Sicily FTB 5 days 4,400 EUR Palermo
Depth Conversion and Seismic Velocity Model: An Applied Workshop 3 days 2,490 EUR Vienna
Microseismic Monitoring in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs 2 days 2,100 EUR Multiple (2)
Advanced Well Log Interpretation 5 days 3,900 USD Bogotá
Basic Formation Evaluation 5 days 3,900 USD Bogotá
Fundamentals in Petrophysical Log Interpretation: Theory and Practice 5 days 3,250 EUR Multiple (2)
Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation 5 days 3,300 EUR Multiple (2)
Log Quality Control and Petrophysics 5 days 3,250 EUR Vienna
Open and Cased Hole Log Interpretation 5 days 4,100 EUR Mexico City
Physical Properties of Rocks - Fundamental Relationships and Model Concepts 3 days 2,490 EUR Vienna
Production & Completions Engineering
Artificial Lift Systems Design, Diagnosis, Operations and Optimisation 3 days 3,250 USD Abu Dhabi
Production & Processing Facilities
Introduction to Surface Facilities 4 days 2,950 EUR Multiple (2)
Reservoir Engineering
Advanced PVT and EOS Fluid Characterisation 5 days 4,800 EUR Vienna          
Advanced Reservoir Simulation Technologies 5 days 3,250 EUR Vienna          
Basic Reservoir Management 5 days 3,300 EUR Vienna
Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals 5 days 4,250 USD Abu Dhabi
EOR Miscible Gas Injection 5 days 4,600 USD Abu Dhabi
Modern History Matching 4 days 3,000 EUR Vienna          
Naturally Fractured Reservoir Modelling and Simulation 5 days 4,500 USD Abu Dhabi
Naturally Fractured Reservoirs 5 days 4,500 USD Abu Dhabi
Special Core Analysis 5 days 3,300 EUR Vienna          
Waterflooding: Performance Predictions and Surveillance 5 days 3,350 EUR Multiple (2)
Well Completion Design for Reservoirs with Sanding Problems 5 days 4,200 USD Bogotá
Safety for Oil & Gas
Applied Health, Safety and Environment - Part 1 5 days 3,990 USD Amman
Applied Health, Safety and Environment - Part 2 5 days 3,990 USD Amman
Hazard and Operability Study and Hazard Identification in Oil & Gas 5 days 3,990 USD Amman
Health, Safety and Environment - Integrated Management System 5 days 3,990 USD Amman
Layer of Protection Analysis - LOPA 2 days 2,300 USD Abu Dhabi
Well Construction & Drilling
Advanced Drilling Technologies 5 days 3,250 EUR Vienna          
Cementing Technologies 5 days 4,200 USD Multiple (2)
Directional Drilling and Well Placement for High Angle and Complex Wells 5 days 3,250 EUR Multiple (2)
Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling 5 days 3,250 EUR Vienna
Drilling Engineering for Other Disciplines 5 days 3,250 EUR Multiple (2)
Introduction to Drilling Engineering 5 days 3,250 EUR Hamburg
Introduction to Geo-Steering 3 days 2,490 EUR Hamburg
Sand Management and Disposal Program 5 days 4,200 USD Bogotá
Stuck Pipe, Design and Operational Practices for Avoidance 5 days 3,250 EUR Multiple (2)
Well Integrity Engineering 5 days 4,200 USD Multiple (2)
Well Intervention & Workover 2 days 2,100 EUR Hamburg
Well Stimulation 5 days 4,200 USD Multiple (2)
Personal Development
Stress Management
Time, Personal Organisation and Stress Management 5 days 2,950 EUR Vienna          
Project Management
Integrated Reservoir Studies: The Project Management Approach 4 days 2,950 EUR Vienna          
Modern Project Management 5 days 3,250 EUR Multiple (2)
Project Management Professional PMP Certification Preparation 5 days 3,250 EUR Multiple (2)
Company-Specific / In-House
Business & Management
Business Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration 4 days Worldwide
Oil & Gas
Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry Custom Worldwide          
Fundamentals of Reservoir Development Geology Custom Worldwide
Introduction to Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling Custom Worldwide          
Foundations of Petrophysics Custom Worldwide
Production & Processing Facilities
Gas Processing Technologies 4 days Worldwide
Well Construction & Drilling
Geothermal Drilling Technology Custom Worldwide

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Reviews by course attendees

Course Delegate, Mitsui E&P Middle East B.V.   |   20/10/2015   |   HOT Engineering
The course was excellent; the real-life based exercises helped me a lot, and can be used in our future JV audit. This will give me more confidence in participating in the JV audit team, as it will enable me to apply a lot of gained techniques.
Course Delegate, Dragon Oil   |   20/10/2015   |   HOT Engineering
The information received in this training is really great and very informative. I learned a lot of things and it really will be very helpful to me when carrying out my job
Course Delegate, KPMG   |   19/10/2015   |   HOT Engineering
I have been auditing O&G companies for the last 13 years but never quite understood certain difficult terminologies and calculations. The training course covered these all and I really appreciate it.
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