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CPCS - A59 Excavator 360 above 10 tonnes - Intermediate

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CPCS - A59 Excavator 360 above 10 tonnes - Intermediate

This intermediate level course is for those who will be using a 360 above 10 tonnes excavator in either the land-based or construction industry.

Course Aims

Who Should Attend? Participants with some experience of using an excavator and/or those who would benefit from a formal training programme to further develop their skills. Also, Participants who are experienced operators but have little or no experience in CPCS requirements and would therefore benefit from some training in how to meet CPCS theory and practical requirements.To provide thorough practical and theory training in operating a 360 degree Excavator (above 10 tonnes), enabling the candidate to pass the CPCS theory and practical tests.


This coursewill give candidates a CPCS Red Trained Operator card (on successful completionof CPCS Technical Tests)PrerequisitesYou must have a basic understanding and knowledge of current Health & Safety issues. The relevant Health & Safety touch screen tests must be current and in date. (Completed within the last 24 months). More information can be found on the CITB website.Your booking can only be confirmed once we receive the following information:1. Existing CSCS Card Number2.NI Number3. D.O.B.One of our booking agents will be in contact with you 24-48 hours after you make your booking to collect this information prior to confirming your space on the course.For Novice Operators or those who require a Re-test only Novice 10daysExperienced 2daysTestOnly 1day