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Shark Rescue Training (MOD 5b)

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Shark Rescue Training (MOD 5b)

Shark Rescue Training (MOD 5b)

HSS' Shark Rescue Training is designed to make operatives fully conversant in the use of Shark casualty recovery systems for evacuation and rescue from towers and similar structures.

Delivered over a half-day of training, the course will equip participants with the skills to confidently lower casualties to ground level, descend suspended casualties and manage an assisted descent to ground level. To this end, it covers the practical aspects related to equipping fall arrest harnesses and other safety equipment correctly, as well as instructing them in the safe operation of a single or double fall arrest lanyard while rescuing. Outlining a range of different approaches to rescue, it highlights the importance of maintaining personal safety, while assessing the situation at hand and selecting the appropriate recovery techniques and tools.

Finally, participants will develop their theoretical understanding and practical skills in applying temporary aids and subsequently handing over to the emergency services or to first aiders.


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In-House & Bespoke Training

HSS Training can deliver this programme on your company premises as a dedicated course. They can also develop an entirely bespoke programme to meet your specific needs in terms of technical business aspects, unique operating environment(s) and/or particular learning styles.