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Course participant reviews for Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances

Average rating 4.9

Based on 43 reviews.

I was honored to finally become IM&A holder, with amazing journey that was focusing on the main four steps of the mergers and acquisition that included not limited to; Essentials of M&A, Due Diligence, Valuation and Post Merger Integration (PMI). I wholeheartedly thank the amazing IMAA faculty, the inspiring guest speakers for their teaching an...
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Eric Benjamin Vega Dominguez
As a trained finance professional with studies in UK, Germany and Panamá, I found the "Mergers&Acquisitions Professional Certificate" to be one of my best career investments. It is a very insightful program with deep dive into the M&A understanding. It is a program build not only from the perspective of the M&A project manager but also the M&A f...
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Enrique Chavez
I decided to enroll in the M&AP program because I wanted to deepen my knowledge of all the processes involved in an M&A transaction. The course was very complete, addressed with the necessary depth for each of the topics. Its virtual modality was for me, a great advantage, since knowing that if I could not attend a live session, it was possible...
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Jelena B., Manager M&A and Investments
I thoroughly enjoyed the International Merger & Acquisition Expert program. Challenging topic and content. It made me think about how I can link different elements of my lesson and progressing this into further M&A career and learning. It was logical well-structured and well researched content with many practical case studies, ideas and resource...
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Hannah B., COO
I decided to enroll in the M&AP program to further my knowledge and skill set in the entire transaction process of mergers & acquisitions. By having a certification in M&A from a recognized program like IMAA has helped me by gaining a better understanding how to manage the complexities of the M&A process in terms of determining a rationale, plus...
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Sébastien P., Entrepreneur & C-Level Executive
I am an entrepreneur, with strong operational and management experience, having successfully closed the financing of my Management Buy-In fund. However, during the first discussions on potential transactions with the team of Novastone Capital Advisors, my lead co-investor, I quickly realized that I needed to develop my M&A skills, in order to be...
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Kumar S., Commercial VP
I thoroughly enjoyed the IM&A Virtual Classroom program. IMAA had really good professional experts who practice M&A as faculties to bring in very wide experience and cover every scope of the M&A activities . Though it was virtual, it was an engaging one with very good and active participation from the colleagues who joined the session. Their tra...
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Andre H., Fund Accountant
I chose to pursue the IM&A and M&AP programs in order to gain knowledge that would allow me to better identify the tools necessary to enhance the value-add components of the merger and acquisition process. I wanted to sharpen my vantage point of the entire acquisition process from both a macro and micro level. These programs have given me the ro...
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Carlos G., Head of Equity
I have been following Prof. Damodaran for a long time, reading some of his books, his blog and papers. I think that Prof. Damodaran has a “gift” for everything to make sense within a valuation, while keeping it simple and transparent. During my career of more than 20 years as a fundamental institutional investor, I have dealt with extreme scenar...
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Subhasis R.
This was a solid refresher course for me and I wanted to refresh my memory and learn some new concepts. I like interactiveness of the course, although Prof. Damodaran speaks most of the time, he related to the day-to-day aspects of how things are in reality in terms of valuation. I also enjoyed the section on how to value start-ups as it very mu...
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Andre L.
I followed Prof. Damodaran for 5-6 years and always wanted to see him in a live course, as I wanted to meet the man behind the books I was reading. This IMAA course was priceless for me, and I think the course is very diverse in terms of students. The interactive class setting I enjoyed the most. The course is worth the money as Professor Damoda...
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Walt B., Director / Senior Client Adviser
After researching for on-line certification courses, I came across IMAA. I was very impressed with the credentials of the instructors and the employment backgrounds of certificate holders who supplied testimonials. It also provides a holistic approach to Mergers and Acquisitions worldwide. I found the on-line content to be excellent and very con...
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Awais D., COO
I wanted to have a formal certification in M&A provided by a recognised Institute like IMAA. The course content was quite informative and really helps me in my projects. I got rich information related to the due diligence, processes for merging or acquiring other firms, financial valuation of companies and finally how to successfully integrate t...
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Ronaldi W., Consultant
The course content is wonderful. The assignments, case studies, stretched me to dig deep into the work I did in the past or the current client I am working with and have put a different lens on the learning and the work I do. The contents are recently updated and relevant to the current situation. The course has been very beneficial in helping m...
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Navdeep S., Manager - Engineering Applications
Integration is a critical activity in M&A, which can either create unprecedented value for an organization or can lead to negative value creation. I found the course from IMAA, to be a complete package covering all aspects of integration. For an Integration lead, it is crucial to realize that integration success is not only limited to recognizin...
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Marco F., Senior Project Manager M&A
I very much appreciated the direct interactions and active discussions with other participants each with a different background. In addition, learning from and discussing with the experienced professionals who were leading the course was highly valuable. It was also great to look at PMI from different but at the same time often interlinked persp...
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Rui J., Senior Manager Finance
The CPMI course was a great event, really a pleasure to be part of it. You cannot have any better than the Post Merger Integration training by IMAA. The quality of the material and subjects covered were comprehensive and exceptionally well deployed. The share of experiences of real-life situations from such bright trainers, as well as trainees, ...
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Sebastian F., Head of HR
This training provided me the opportunity to expand my M&A perspectives beyond that of HR in my usual course of work and the coaching and feedback from the faculty members were invaluable – especially insights and know-how from practical experience.This training provided me the opportunity to expand my M&A perspectives beyond that of HR in my us...
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Haytham W.
The certificate program provided lots of valuable M&A information. The whole program adopted including practical case studies and various valuation methods gave us a deep understanding of inorganic growth challenges by bridging theory to practice.
Bethany B.
I had the pleasure to attend the onsite training for the CPMI certification program. It was one of the best experiences to network and gather best practices from practitioners around the globe. What I appreciate the most is the small class size that allows more collaboration amongst the attendees and the facilitators. Real world, international e...
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Colleen M., Associate General Counsel & Chief Counsel M&A
I was in a search of M&A training to enhance my overall knowledge on all aspects of M&A from the stage of initial business strategy to post merger integration. I was impressed with the course contents of the IM&A and M&AP programs, the collection of data on global M&As and the access to resources via the e-library during and now after completion...
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Soheyl B., Global Business Development Director
I attended the onsite IM&A training and was pleasantly surprised with its high level. The training was superbly organized; Chris Kummer is a fascinating speaker and lecturer with a massive body of knowledge in strategy and finance. The 5 day training was well organized to cover all aspects of M&A and utilized world known experts for specialized ...
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Evgeni K.
It is important to us because it gives us lots of insights as to how value for example companies in difficult situations, companies that are expected to generate synergies when we acquire them, how to estimate synergies, not to double count for certain aspects of valuation.
Janette K.
This program helps me bring more value to the companies I serve. Fantastic form of participants brought together here in NY. A truly international group from Central America, Hong Kong, Eastern Europe and the US. The experience accross various areas representing buyers and sellers is exactly what I was looking for. I learn best by hearing real c...
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John O., CFO
We chose the IM&A program based on the relevant and full course content from initial targeting to post close integration. Our decision to send a team of four participants proved to be well founded. All of us came away with valuable insights and have subsequently been able to build significant inhouse capability. The course instructors demonstrat...
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