Inspirational Leadership Skills

Kevin Roberts, Global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, said “at the heart of everything we do is Inspirational Leadership – getting the individual to be the best they can be in pursuit of our shared dream.”

Inspirational Leadership gets results. It’s about recognising that your most precious possession is the people who work for you, and having the skill to draw out the very best in their performance.

Most of us know that in modern world, autocracy is out – and inspiration is in. As a leader we need to be collaborative and involving. We need to cultivate passion and purpose in each of our people in order to build a high performance culture at every level.

On top of this, leadership seeks to unlock previously hidden possibilities. Sir Alex Ferguson put it well, “My job was to make people understand the impossible was possible. That’s the difference between leadership and management.”

Leadership means you energise your people, support them and create an environment where they learn and grow. You get people to surprise themselves with their abilities.

If you are good at these skills you have a high ILS Quotient.

What is Your ILS Quotient?

Your ILS Quotient reflects your ability to inspire, motivate, engage and grow your people. It’s becoming increasingly important in every workplace. Your ILS is visible at every touch point – on the telephone, face to face, in meetings and cyberspace. As products and services become more and more alike, it’s the difference that makes a difference.

Here are 9 ideas to help you build your ILS Quotient:

  1. Set up a daily alarm on your phone with the label ‘Have you praised 3 people today?’
  2. When people interact with you, do they come away feeling as if they’re getting better at what they do?
  3. Help people to believe in themselves – use phrases like ‘The one thing I like about you is…’
  4. Understand that respect is not something you earn, it’s something you give.
  5. Recognise the leader’s job is to make heroes, not be one.
  6. Know that when you see potential in others, they begin to look for it in themselves.
  7. To motivate, find out what the other person wants, then help them to get it.
  8. Build your resilience – have the attitude – a setback is a set up for a comeback.
  9. Be an enthusiast – nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

As you continuously develop your ILS quotient, you’ll notice yourself behaving differently with your people at every touch point. Results will strengthen, attrition will drop and your career will accelerate.

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