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10 weeks
Online courses

Course description

  • Fast, effective and proven to overcome shyness, self-consciousness and social anxiety.
  • Designed for quiet people.
  • A unique process that will enable you to build a natural self-confidence that feels like the “real you” as opposed to the fake confidence that doesn't fool anyone.

This course is designed for you if:

You've been shy ever since you can remember and it's been ruining your life.

You look around at everyone else having a good time, socialising, making friends, getting jobs, moving up the career ladder. And there you are permanently stuck on the sidelines wishing you could do all the things that other people can do.

You feel as if you've spent your whole life in hiding.

Or shyness has crept up on you later on in life

You can remember back to a time when you were confident and happy.  You may be fine with people that you know well, but as soon as you get out of your comfort zone, you find yourself automatically withdrawing and avoiding situations that you used to find so easy.

Why most conventional methods don't help you to overcome shyness

Shyness is a complex psychological phenomenon that keeps you locked behind powerful internal walls.

This is why many approaches fail to address the deeper blocks, so they can only have short term benefits.

What is so Different about Shyness the Way Out

Shyness the Way Out is a 10 week livestream course that works in a unique way through the transformational structures of the Sunflower Effect.

The Sunflower Effect Courses have enabled many hundreds of people to say goodbye to their shyness issues in a relatively short amount of time.

Many of these have been struggling to make changes for years and report the courses quicker and more effective than any other approach they have tried.

The Sunflower Effect is already proven to be just as effective online.

It is particularly beneficial for people with acute shyness for which nothing else has worked. It also may be the first port of call for people and who would feel very nervous about joining the Breakthrough Course or any other face-to-face confidence-building programmes.

The course will give you more understanding of your shyness/anxiety and provide strategies for moving out of it working through the transformational creative structures of the Sunflower Effect.

It will get you started on your journey out of shyness and prepare you for joining the Breakthrough Group or one of my other courses at a later date.

Suitability - Who should attend?

Anyone who feels shyness is hampering them in life, preventing them to move forward in life.

It is particularly beneficial for people with acute shyness for which nothing else has worked and who would feel nervous about joining the Breakthrough Course or any other face-to-face confidence-building programme.

It is designed too, for people who are unable to attend courses in London because they live too far away.

People of all ages attend, but there are usually more people in the 18-35 age group.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

Imagine being able to walk into a room feeling fine about who you are?

Imagine being able to make connections with new people feeling less self-conscious and anxious?

You may even find that people are beginning to approach you where previously they stayed away or didn't notice you.

You may find yourself doing things you never thought were possible

Or find yourself feeling more confident in interviews and at work.

You may find yourself more robust in how you relate to other people. Or, find it easier to socialise and to make friends.

These are some of the many benefits that participants can expect after completing the course.

Please be aware: What you achieve will depend on the degree of your shyness and the blocks that are preventing you from making a breakthrough. People with acute shyness will benefit from doing a series of course that will enable to progress at their own pace and in their own way.

About provider

The Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses

The Sunflower Effect is a proven confidence-building system based in an adapted form of drama, that has been transforming the lives of quiet, reserved and introverted people since 1997.  It was developed by Claire Schrader, the UK's leading confidence expert in the area of...

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Based on 1 reviews.

I had such a good experience with this course!! When I stumbled upon Claire's website, it was as if she was speaking directly to me, I so strongly related to everything. I read a section of her book as well, and again it felt as if she knew EXACTLY how I felt. I am located in the U.S. so if there was a single good thing about the covid/lockdown ...
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Course rating
Based on 1 reviews.
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