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Complete Animal Care Course

New Skills Academy
Course summary
50 hours
240 GBP
Online courses
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Professional Training

Course description

Complete Animal Care Course

If you are one of the many people that has a natural love for animals and would like to learn more about how to care for them in a more effective manner, then this special 4 in 1 course will provide you with the skills and knowledge that you require. By covering different aspects of animal care from pet sitting, to dog grooming, dealing with nutrition and even getting to grips with pet psychology, it is the perfect package for any individual that is serious about providing animals with the best care possible within their means.

Each course has been carefully designed to include all of the key information that you will need to not only be able to provide better care for animals, but also go on and have a career within these fields.

Suitability - Who should attend?

Anyone who has an interest in learning more about this subject matter is encouraged to take the course. There are no entry requirements to take the course.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

Benefits of Taking This Course:

There are a number of major benefits associated with this special 4 in 1 animal care course in that it does provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to look after animals in a more specialised way.

Throughout the various courses there is a real focus on the key training needed, and also how to run a successful business and to make sure that you are doing the correct things from a legal perspective.

However, further benefits include:

  • Study online and at home
  • Study at your own pace
  • Have full support online as you complete the course
  • Take advantage of the comprehensive modules that are easy to follow
  • Receive an industry recognised certification at the end
  • There are no entry requirements

By taking our Ultimate Animal Care Course it means you will be perfectly placed to work in a number of areas connected to animals. It is perfect for any individual that has a natural love for them and wishes to provide better care in order to offer them a superior life to what they are having right now.

What you Will Learn.

This course contains a number of different aspects including the following:

  • A pet sitting course
  • A dog grooming course
  • A pet nutrition course
  • A pet psychology course

On completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate.

Training Course Content

Course Modules/Lessons

Pet Psychology Diploma

  • Module 1: Introduction to Pet Psychology
  • Module 2 : Why Learn About Animal Behaviour?
  • Module 3 : How Animals See the World/Animal Vision
  • Module 4 : Concept Formation
  • Module 5 : About Animals’ Brains
  • Module 6 : Basic Emotional and Motivational Processes and Social Emotions
  • Module 7 : Conditioning
  • Module 8 : Spatial Reasoning
  • Module 9 : Language and Animals
  • Module 10 : History of Animal Training
  • Module 11 : Typical Dog Behaviour
  • Module 12 : How Dogs Learn
  • Module 13 : Understanding Dog Communication
  • Module 14 : Learning about Dog Actions
  • Module 15: Dog Fears, Phobias and Aggression
  • Module 16: Training Dogs: More on How Dogs Learn
  • Module 17: Biobehavioural Monitoring in Dogs
  • Module 18: Understanding Typical Canine Psychiatric Behaviours
  • Module 19: Learning About Cat Communication
  • Module 20: What Feline Actions Mean
  • Module 21: Feline Actions
  • Module 22: Feline Psychiatric Challenges
  • Module 23: Cat Anxiety, Fear and Aggression
  • Module 24: Understanding Rabbits and Rabbit Psychology
  • Module 25: Understanding Hamsters and Gerbils

Pet Nutrition Diploma

  • Module 1: Introduction to Food Types, Types of Diet and Pet Food Labels
  • Module 2 : Why Nutrition is Vital for Pets
  • Module 3 : Digestion
  • Module 4 : Feeding Stages in a Pet’s Life
  • Module 5 : Pet Weight
  • Module 6 : Pet Food
  • Module 7 : Snacks and Treats
  • Module 8 : Herbs and Green Foods
  • Module 9 : Foods to Avoid
  • Module 10 : Essential Oils for Pets
  • Module 11 : Species Specific Sources of Nutrition/Nutrients
  • Module 12 : Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
  • Module 13 : Mice, Hamsters and Rats
  • Module 14 : Fish
  • Module 15: Birds
  • Module 16: Reptiles
  • Module 17: Keeping a Food Diary

Dog Grooming Diploma

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2 : History of Dog Grooming
  • Module 3 : Anatomy and Health, Parasites, Infections & Zoonotic Diseases in Dogs
  • Module 4 : Pre-grooming Health Assessment
  • Module 5 : Coat and Skin Disorders and How to Groom a Dog
  • Module 6 : Getting Started
  • Module 7 : Animal Training, Dealing with Difficult Dogs & Training for Grooming
  • Module 8 : Prepping the Work Area
  • Module 9 : Pre-bath Preparation
  • Module 10 : How to Bath a Dog
  • Module 11 : Drying a Dog
  • Module 12 : Detail Grooming (Clipping, Scissoring, Eyes, Ears, Teeth, Feet,
  • Bottoms)
  • Module 13 : Cleaning Your Working Environment
  • Module 14 : Grooming Specialities
  • Module 15: Law in the Workplace, First Aid and Emergency Care

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Diploma

  • Module 1: Pet Sitting Introduction
  • Module 2 : Safety (Yours & Animals)
  • Module 3 : Legal Requirements
  • Module 4 : Dog Walking
  • Module 5 : Pre Service Visit
  • Module 6 : Forms and Record Keeping
  • Module 7 : Day to Day Pet Sitting
  • Module 8 : Transporting Animals Safely
  • Module 9 : Animal Handling
  • Module 10 : Dogs and Cats
  • Module 11 : Fish
  • Module 12 : Rodents
  • Module 13 : Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
  • Module 14 : Reptiles
  • Module 15 : Birds
  • Module 16 : Pet Ailments
  • Module 17 : Pet First Aid
  • Module 18 : Running Your Own Business
  • Module 19 : Setting Up Your Business
  • Module 20: Marketing
  • Module 21: Pricing
  • Module 22: Costs
  • Module 23: Troubleshooting

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