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IT and Computing Level 4 and 5

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Course description

This level 4 and 5 IT and computing course is ideal for:

  • Increasing your knowledge of IT software and computing systems.
  • Learners that want to go onto university and further learning.
  • Those aspiring to work or progress their career in IT and computing.
This course provides you with the equivalent skills and education of the first two years of an undergraduate degree, at a pace that suits you. Join over [past_students_count] other students who chose to improve their education and boost their employability through distance learning. What next? Following the successful completion of this course, you will be able to put your newfound knowledge into practice and develop your career. If after, you're looking to enhance your IT knowledge even further, take a look at the other IT and computer courses we offer. Job titles in IT:
  • Computer systems manager
  • Data analyst
  • UX designer
  • Network administrator
  • Systems analyst
  • Back-end developer

Course Content

Level 4 Module 1 Introduction to computing

  • Explore the fundamental components of computing, including design, maintenance and configuration.

Level 4 Module 2 Introduction to programming

  • Examine the basis of OOS and the role of programming in broader aspects of the usage of applications.

Level 4 Module 3 Introduction to databases

  • Understand database design and development and explore solutions to meet briefs and operations.

Level 4 Module 4 Requirements engineering

  • Explore the requirements of IT and computing and analyse the role that they play in developing and testing specifications and prototypes.

Level 4 Module 5 Systems analysis and design

  • Understand IS concepts and how they are related to the needs of an organisation, including business processes and transforming information.

Level 4 Module 6 E-commerce applications

  • Explore the role that eCommerce plays in the modern world, particularly identifying aims and objectives, as well as design issues that could arise due to requirements.

Level 4 Module 7 Human computer interaction

  • Understand the principles of human-computer interaction (HCI) and evaluate HCI design and principles.

Level 4 Module 8 IT and society

  • Examine the impact of technology on society and the trends and changes that it creates. You will also explore the potential conflicts regarding security and data management.

Level 4 Module 9 Information systems project management

  • Explore the aspects of project management which are key to the development and implementation of IT projects.

Level 4 Module 10 Management information systems

  • Understand concepts of information systems and the role they play in supporting the needs of a business.

Level 5 Module 1 Innovative technologies in computing

  • Discover innovative trends and disruptive advantages, as well as the skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful in the sector.

Level 5 Module 2 Computing research methods

  • Learn more about the knowledge and skills required to undertake an IT research project, as well as the qualitative and quantitative approaches required in this field.

Level 5 Module 3 Software development methodologies

  • Explore the role of systems engineering in developing software and various data models, software and processes.

Level 5 Module 4 Computing project planning

  • Understand how to create and manage projects using IT software and how this has changed over time.

Level 5 Module 5 Strategic management information systems

  • Develop your understanding of the strategic role of management information systems within an organisation and the impact it has on the business’s outcomes and strategy plan.

Level 5 Module 6 Ethical, legal and professional issues in IT

  • Explore current issues in the IT industry and how these may impact on security, confidentiality, privacy and the law.

Level 5 Module 7 Network design and management

  • Study the principles of networks and network design, as well as the implementation and support of network systems.

Level 5 Module 8 Web-based development

  • Evaluate the design, deployment and management of virtualisation and its impact on a business, both commercially and potentially.

Level 5 Module 9 Cyber security

  • Understand the importance of digital security within a business, its industry standards and the recommendations that could be made for improvement.

Level 5 Module 10 Advanced databases

  • Learn the fundamentals of database design and development, including analysing and querying.

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