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Reception Academy

Reception Academy: A Five Star Hospitality Training Academy

90 to 95% of our students are successfully employed upon completing this training

Since 2008, Reception Academy has been providing hotels with the best trained staff who have exceptional skills. In 2010, the classroom based courses were opened to the public, thousands of students wanting a career in hospitality have taken one of the courses that Reception Academy offer. The majority of these graduates go on to find employment in the hospitality industry, having started off their commitment to a dream at the Reception Academy. 

The training and standard of students who graduate from the Reception Academy is recognised by over 800 hotels who now work closely with the company, which enables them to connect graduates to potential employers via a rapidly growing database. Registered hotels are also able to post job vacancies on the Reception Academy website, giving both employer and employee a higher chance of the perfect match. 

The Reception Academy has graduates who work in a wide range of hotels, for example The Ritz, Hilton, Marriott and The Premier Inn. Having based courses on front of house positions, and reduced length and cost for students, the goal for the company is now to be the preferred supplier of all types of trained staff to hotels. 

History of the Reception Academy

The founder of Reception Academy came to the realisation whilst working as a front of house manager that the majority of applicants for receptionist positions are rejected due to lack of experience. Despite potential employees having the passion and the want to work in the hospitality industry, due to the lack of experience to be found on their CV, they never got the chance to show their potential in an interview. Even applicants with a degree in Hospitality Management would often not have the required practical experience that hotels were looking for and would also not get very far in the recruitment process. Having worked in a number of high profile hotels such as Radisson, Marriott and Hilton, as well as small independent hotels the founder knew this problem occurred across the board.

In order to give students or potential employees a better chance at getting their dream job, the Hotel Receptionist Training Course was created, along with a number of other training courses that the Reception Academy offer in the heart of London. Using the large amount of experience and contact that the Academy has accumulated, the courses have been tailored to fit the requirements that hotels look for in an applicant, which gives graduates an advantage when they are applying for a job. The collaboration between the Academy and the hotels in their database ensures that the courses are delivered to the highest standard and also regularly updated to keep the material taught as relevant as possible. This is then delivered by the professional trainers who have all successfully worked in the hotel and hospitality industry for years. 

Reception Academy promote the belief that passion, hard work and basic knowledge gives everyone the ideal opportunity to be successful in life.

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Open / Scheduled
Hospitality & Tourism Length Price Location Reviews
Customer Service Excellence Gain 5 Star Hotel Service Skills 1 day 149 GBP London          
Hotel Receptionist & Opera PMS Hotel Software 4 Week Course or 9 Weekends 4 weeks 799 GBP London          
Opera PMS Hotel Software 5 Day Course or 2 Weekends 5 days 349 GBP London          
Supervision & Leadership 2 Week Course 2 weeks 599 GBP London          
Company-Specific / In-House
Hospitality & Tourism
Hotel Reservations Agent & Opera PMS Hotel Software 4 Week Course or 9 Weekends 4 weeks 799 GBP London          
Postgraduate Education
Executive Education
Hospitality & Tourism
Corporate Receptionist & Visitor Management Software 2 Week Course 2 weeks 799 GBP London          
e-learning / Online / Distance
Hospitality & Tourism
Interaction & Networking Techniques 17 GBP Distance
Interactive Opera PMS Online Course Create A Reservation, Check In, Check Out 50 GBP Distance

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Reception Academy

16 Brune Street
E1 7NJ London

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Reception Academy


Elena Amarfoaei   |   10/07/2018
Amazing!!! Great!!! Wonderful!!! Thank you dear Pierre!!!
Marta Sitko   |   10/07/2018
I truly enjoyed the course! Have met absolutely amazing people and learned so much within just 4 weeks. London’s hotels - I am ready for you. Thank you Pierre for the patience and support. Highly recommend “Reception Academy “ to anyone!
Corina Munteanu   |   10/07/2018
Best choice I've ever made for a course, my trainer Pierre, was very energetic and passionate, always there to support us!!! I recommend 100% Reception Academy!!
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Reception Academy
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