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Square Mile LeadershipSquare Mile Leadership - Powerful Leadership Training

Square Mile Leadership (SML), the London-focused, ‘Professionals Network’ arm of Catalyst Learning and Development, has been delivering personal development training since 1995 and works in sectors ranging from finance and hospitality, to education and healthcare.

SML trains, coaches and supports individuals and teams to achieve their full potential through the practice and application of newly gained knowledge to increase skills and positively change behaviour.

SML believes Developing People Matter™ - they have a growth mind-set and are attracted to organisations that are committed to investing in the personal development of their people.

Knowing why, when and how to lead, manage and coach are vital skills required for the improved performance, reputation and sustainable growth of an organisation.

Square Mile Leadership delivers leadership, management and coaching programmes to the internationally recognised standards of ILM, part of City & Guilds of London Institute, with or without an ILM qualification.


Square Mile Leadership is an ILM Approved Delivery Centre and Main Line Provider of the new apprenticeship standards, offering comprehensive ILM Diplomas in Leadership and Management with delivery and support that is ‘practical, focused, results-driven’ and networked for success.

SML workshops are designed to encourage learners to think and reflect on how their learning is applied in their specific role in the workplace, with a focus on changing behaviours that are central to successful leadership and improved results. No matter the size of the organisation, we support everyone individually through their unique ‘learner journey’.

SML Coaches are highly experienced, SML and ILM approved, and up-to-date with the latest standards.

SML fully understands the process and legalities required, as well as the level of commitment needed from learners to achieve their best results. We pride ourselves on the quality of our delivery and learner support, and combined with OneFile Eportfolio, uphold the highest level of professionalism and transparency throughout each ILM Diploma.

The SML Professionals Network helps both learners and their organisation make the most of the levy with a flexible choice of workshops, additional forums and celebration events.

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Average rating 4.9

Based on 37 reviews.

David B - Sony
The trainers knowledge of leadership styles and insight into other companies/organisations was very useful.
Felix A - Sony
Huge thanks to both the trainer and Catalyst office for a well organised and enjoyable ILM course. The lessons themselves have been highly engaging, with a good balance between theory and practical application. The trainer always took the time to ensure that concepts were pitched at a relevant and challenging level for each individual in the gro...
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Ben C - Sony
Sincere thanks to the trainer for the great coaching during all the sessions and the ongoing help from Stuart in the office

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