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Ketamine Addiction

The Bonds Clinic
Course summary
7-14 days
5,500 GBP excl. VAT
Next available date: Enquire for more information - Skipton
Professional Training

Course description

Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine – Ket, K or Special K is a recreational and medicinal drug classified as a hallucinogenic dissociative, meaning that there is usually a detachment from reality and Ketamine if often used recreationally as a ‘party drug’, usually snorted in powder form, it can be taken orally, sometimes ‘bombed’ – wrapped in cigarette paper and swallowed, or injected in liquid form. It can also be smoked in combination with other substances.

Medicinally, ketamine can be used as an anaesthetic before surgery and as a tranquilizer in veterinary practice.

How does it make you feel?

Ketamine has hallucinogenic and psychedelic properties which may lead to misuse. When ketamine is misused, it distorts the senses such as strange sights and sounds, whilst also creating a sense of detachment from the environment and oneself, almost being in a euphoric dream-like state. However, high doses of ketamine can mean you ‘fall into a K hole’ where awareness and dissociation is so impaired that there is an inability to interact with others or the world around you.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

After a successful detox, The BONDS Clinic can offer patients a Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme. The programme can last up to 12 months depending on your requirements and is totally bespoke to you. Here at The BONDS Clinic our mission is to ensure you have tools to support you on the path of recovery and abstinence. With options of comprehensive mental health treatment, solution-focused talking therapy, or potentially naltrexone treatment, we tailor our services to your needs.

Training Course Content

Step 1

An initial enquiry will be handled by our enquiries team, in the strictest confidence. If patients then wish to take the enquiry further, our team will take some simple details and send you some initial documents to complete electronically.

Step 2

The initial enquiry documents will be assessed by our clinical team and you will then receive a call to discuss your case in more clinical detail and they can answer your more clinical questions about The BONDS Clinic programmes. Our clinical team can also check that our clinic’s services are a suitable and safe option for you since your wellbeing is our number one priority. Occasionally in complex cases, some additional information may be requested, such as recent scans or test results, or a recent clinic letter if you are currently under the case of another specialist.

Step 3

You will then be invited to attend in person for a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) assessment meeting. When you arrive at our clinic, you’ll be greeted at our reception at Pasture House, you will be seen by our nursing and medical team who will perform a simple physical examination of the heart, lungs, gut and nervous system, and then blood tests and an heart tracing (ECG) will be undertaken. A urine drug screen will also be requested. Once all this is complete, you will have a thorough consultation with our doctors who will assess your addiction with you, taking into account the results from the physical tests too.

Step 4

Most patients are then able to proceed straight to detox and you will be shown to your private ensuite room within our detox facility. For your own safety, we would need to check your belongings with you to make sure no substances are brought into the facility.

Step 5

Detox usually takes 7 days, those with more complex multiple addictions or significant mental health disorders may require 14 days (or possibly longer).

Step 6

We may also offer you a Naltrexone implant to help in your recovery process if medically suitable, after careful assessment with you. This implant aims to block the effects of opioids and can reduce cravings. Naltrexone may also be helpful for other addictions such as alcohol, cocaine, cannabis and others. Want to know more about naltrexone implants?

Optional STEPS – You may require longer treatment if:

  • There are two or more substances to detox
  • There are significant chronic pain issues. In these cases, after the 7-day detox we may then recommend a less intensive treatment plan up to a further 4 weeks after the 7-day detox. This extra treatment can be done as an inpatient or outpatient. If it is an out-patient programme, this will include reviews in clinic by our medical team and therapy sessions ranging from daily to weekly. These medical or therapy sessions can be face-face or virtual using video consultations.

Once any 1-4 week extra treatment is complete, we strongly recommend a clear treatment plan for up to 12 months to aid relapse prevention, whether this is with us or with NHS or independent services local to you. At The BONDS Clinic, this can range from weekly to monthly reviews depending on individual circumstances, aiming to reduce your risk of relapse and support you on the right journey back to recovery and getting back to life.

Course delivery details

Our programme model consists of three stages. Stage 1 is detox over 7-14 days, followed by stages 2 & 3 of Consolidation and Relapse Prevention.

We view the recovery process as a minimum of 12 months. Although there is no obligation to continue treatment with The Bonds Clinic after successful completion of a detox in ‘Stage 1’, we would always advise a 12 month treatment programme after detox, and we are more than happy to work with any NHS or independent providers to ensure your recovery suits you..

Why choose The Bonds Clinic

Of the 12,000 patients that completed our 12 month Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme 66% remain free from addiction.

97% of those that complete the 1-2 week inpatient detox treatment are abstinent on departure.

One of the most successful services in the country.


Course price: £5,500 per week, additional weeks available.

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About provider

The Bonds Clinic

The Bonds Clinic is an outcome and results driven, family run addiction treatment facility which places abstinence at the forefront of its highly successful addiction protocol. 97% of those that complete the 1-2 week detox treatment are abstinent on departure....

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