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Inspiration for your professional development: quizzes


Are you in the right job?

Are you content with your current position? Do you often wonder what other opportunities lay ahead?

Take our quiz and find out if you're in the right job or if a career transition is in your future.

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Job Quiz

How well do you know the English language?

You may well be a native speaker, but English is a complex and multi-faceted language that often seems to have more exceptions than rules.

So how knowledgeable can anyone really be when it comes to the core pillars of the English language?

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English Language Quiz

How much do you know about CPD?

You hear the term being thrown around all the time, but do you know what CPD really is, how it works and why it's important?

Take our quiz and find out just how well-versed you are in all things CPD.

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CPD Quiz

Which movie salesman are you?

Have these famous movie salesmen inspired your own sales tactics? Do have what it takes to be a Blake or the Wolf of Wall Street? Are you a Tommy Boy in sales or a bit of a Jerry Maguire?

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What movie salesman are you?

Which management qualification suits your needs best?

England boasts two of the most prestigious and internationally renowned professional management bodies in the world. How to choose between them? Take our test to find out which institute you have more affinity with and the kind of qualification that could help you in your career.

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Take our ILM versus CMI test

How innovative is your company?

Have you discovered 'electronic mail'? Can you keep your website updated? Is innovation your true mission?

Find out where do you stand on the innovation scale.

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Make sure you know how to prevent and manage stress

This 20-question quiz presents you a set of statements regarding major stressors for today's working professionals. If you guess which statements are correct, then you have a good grasp of how to better manage your workload, prioritise and enjoy the best moments in life.

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Take the stress test

Find out what your leadership personality is

Discover new ways to develop yourself in your leadership role, based on your profile, business priorities and team management style. Get the best course recommendations that can help you further develop your personality and make your organisation more successful.

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Take the leadership test

Discover your organisational culture

How is your business mission connected to your internal processes and workplace dynamics? What are some typical responses from your colleagues and stakeholders and how do these affect the way you perform in your role? What drives organisational performance in a larger sense?

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Take the organisational culture test

Last updated: 08 Feb 2018

U.K. L&D Report: 2019 - Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

Are you curious about the L&D strategies of some of the U.K.'s top companies?

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