Quizzes: Careers, Personality, Leadership style & more

Here you'll find quizzes to help you hone in on what you want, how to develop, how to manage workplace stress and more. 

Which hobbies should I take up?

Looking for your passion? Or simply want a new way to spend your free time? Find out which hobbies to take up in our newest quiz and learn something about yourself along the way!

Are you in the right job?

Are you content with your current position? Do you often wonder what other opportunities lay ahead? Take our quiz and find out if you're in the right job or if a career transition is in your future.

Which Management Qualification do I need?

England boasts two of the most prestigious and internationally renowned professional management bodies in the world. How to choose between them? Take our test to find out which institute you have more affinity with and the kind of qualification that could help you in your career.

How Innovative is your Company?

Are you leading the pack? Or have you just discovered 'electronic mail'? 

Find out where do you stand on the innovation scale.

Do you know how to prevent and manage stress?

This 20-question quiz presents you a set of statements regarding major stressors for today's working professionals.

What's your Leadership Style?

Discover new ways to develop yourself in your leadership role, based on your profile, business priorities and team management style.

What's your company culture?