What We Do

What We Do

We believe that when people invest their time in learning something new, they grow. They reach for that promotion, or they apply for that job they felt underqualified for before, or they make that career change they’ve been thinking about.

Our goal is simple: we want to match people searching for education with the people providing it. 

That's why findcourses exists: it's a dedicated education search engine designed to make it easy for our learners to search and find exactly what they need from our community of trusted training providers.

Market leaders in education search engines

We are part of Keystone Education Group, the market leader for education search engines worldwide. Together we help learners of all ages from across the world find everything from Undergrad, Postgrad and MBA programs to professional development, corporate training and leisure courses.

Innovation is close to our heart at findcourses and is a big part of our company ethos. We are continuously investing in our search engines - and it shows. Across the Keystone family we attract over 2 million visitors per month.

Championing learning and development

Our ambition is to see learning and development cemented as a core value in UK companies. Our UK Training Reports show that decreasing training budgets are still the biggest problem when it comes to personal career growth - and we want to tackle that.

We're proud to work with trusted partners like Campaign for Learning, a campaign that encourages people to engage in learning and create a learning culture in their workplace.

We've been supporting the Campaign for Learning since 2012 to raise awareness of Learning at Work Week, which takes place every year in May.

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Thought leaders

We're committed to challenging the status-quo and highlighting and promoting cutting-edge ideas and technologies in the world of learning and development.

Every year we publish a series of reports for both our learners and training providers, aimed at giving them crucial, up-to-date insights that they can take away and put into action.

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