In-House Training: Help Finding Training & FAQs provides a guide on how to find the right in-house training programme for your team. Read on for the most useful questions to ask training providers.

In-House Training: Help Finding Training & FAQs


UK companies are increasingly seeking in-house training for its flexibility, discretion, expertise, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Choosing the right training provider is paramount in helping your employees and organisation achieve their goals and receiving a strong return on investment.

At, we help those purchasing external training for their company by offering up our search engine as a cost-free service to find and compare in-house training providers to find the best-fit programme for their needs. 

After you've located several candidates for your company-specific training, the next step is to follow up.

When requesting more information on any of our programme pages, you'll be contacted by the training provider who will answer your questions and provide a quote and proposal for your organisation. 

We've outlined a list of recommended questions to help you decide which training provider is the perfect fit for your staff's needs.

Questions you should ask in-house training providers:

Q1. Is your in-house training off-the-shelf, tailored, or bespoke?

A great in-house training provider will help you understand the needs of your staff whilst assessing their training programmes to determine how much their material will need to be tailored.

Training providers will take into account the level and qualifications of your team, their preferred learning style, and the overall goal of what you aim to achieve by up-skilling your staff.

Q2. Do you provide post-training resources and support?

Ask training providers what materials your staff will have after the course is complete. Will they have access to a framework to help them follow-up with their lessons learned and apply it in their position?

Many in-house training providers offer extended support options including phone-calls, email support, and coaching sessions to ensure that employees follow-up on the action plans that they created in the course.

If you’re looking for an in-house solution to help your employees prepare for a professional exam, ask in-house training providers if they offer study resources and post-course support to help staff review any difficult areas of the exam before sitting it.

Q3. Is your in-house training accredited?

If your employees belong to a Chartered Institute, finding a training provider who offers CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited courses may be a priority in order to keep their membership current.

Alternately, you may wish your team to schedule an in-house training course accredited directly with their chartered institute.

If the in-house training solution is not accredited, consider the needs of your staff to determine whether or not accreditation is a vital aspect of the programme.

Q4. How do you solicit feedback?

This is a great question to ask any training provider, but when you’re investing in multiple staff members or an entire team or department it’s especially crucial to work with a training provider who values constructive feedback.

At, we encourage all of our listed training providers to email each course member and publish their training reviews online to demonstrate transparency and ensure each course delegate if given an opportunity to voice their feedback.

Q5. What kind of results can you deliver?

In-house training providers should be able to list examples of how their company-specific training helped companies achieve their goals.

Feel free to ask how many companies the training provider is currently working with, and to ask for references before contracting an external training provider.

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