2023 Top 10 IT and Computer Skills Courses

Whether you're looking for an Excel for beginners course or a specialised CAD course for the building industry, browse our top 10 IT and Computer Skills courses of 2023 to get your learning inspiration today!

2023 Top 10 IT and Computer Skills Courses

In today's digital landscape, IT and computer skills are essential for career growth. From programming to cybersecurity and data analysis, an IT and computer skills course offers practical hands-on experience to help you develop technical expertise and stay up to date. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, a quality course provides the platform for success in the evolving world of technology.

Whether it's beginner-friendly Microsoft Excel courses you need or specialised CAD training tailored for the construction industry, our platform boasts an impressive array of options to suit your needs and aspirations. So why not check out our Top 10 IT and Computer Skills courses to kickstart your digital career?


Revit Introduction to Intermediate 3 Day Course

London Software Training

  Delivery: Classroom, Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 3 days

  Price: £495-595 excl. VAT

Unlock the Power of BIM.

Dive into the world of Revit and Building Information Modelling (BIM) with this comprehensive Revit Introduction to Intermediate course. Over three days, you'll gain the expertise needed to create accurate and top-notch architectural designs. You'll navigate the intricacies of Revit through a series of practical, hands-on lessons and by the end of the course, you'll have the confidence to use Revit for all aspects of building documentation and design.

Designed for both beginners and individuals seeking to enhance their skills, this course is tailored to meet industry demands. Whether you're aiming to advance your career, pursue further studies, or secure employment within the design, architectural, construction, or engineering fields, London Software Training will give you the competitive edge you need.

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Bespoke AutoCAD Course

Benchmarq Training

  Delivery: In Company

  Duration: Contact Provider

  Price: Contact Provider

Experience the power of AutoCAD.

This Bespoke AutoCAD Course from Benchmarq Training serves as the ideal introduction to industry-standard CAD software.

AutoCAD is renowned for its capabilities in 2D design, planning, and 3D modeling, making it an indispensable tool for professionals. Through this training course, you'll acquire the essential skills and processes needed to create architectural and engineering plans, mechanical parts, and electronic diagrams using AutoCAD.

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AutoCAD Essentials for beginners


  Delivery: Classroom

  Duration: 3 days

  Price: 495 GBP excl. VAT

Gain Valuable AutoCAD Skills.

Are you eager to acquire AutoCAD skills from scratch? Look no further! AutoCAD Essentials from Armada is designed specifically for beginners, providing a comprehensive introduction to both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT software.

Led by an experienced Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI), this course equips delegates with key commands and techniques to produce high-quality, precise 2D AutoCAD drawings. Throughout the training, you'll navigate the user interfaces of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, master fundamental features, and learn how to create visually appealing and detailed 2D drawings.

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AutoCAD Basics to Intermediate Level Course (One to One)

Real Animation Works

  Delivery: Classroom, Virtual Classroom

  Duration: 16 hours

  Price: 480 GBP excl. VAT

Become a Fluent AutoCAD User.

This one-to-one AutoCAD Basics to Intermediate Level Course from Real Animation Works is tailor-made for individuals who aspire to gain a comprehensive understanding of AutoCAD and seamlessly navigate the software to accomplish any CAD design task. Unlock the full potential of AutoCAD as you discover how to transform hand-drawn sketches and design ideas into reality using its intuitive tools and user-friendly interface.

As the industry standard, AutoCAD is a must-have skill for anyone pursuing a career in interior design or architecture. With this training, you'll acquire the essential knowledge and proficiency needed to excel in these fields.

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PC: Essentials (In-House)

Square One Training

  Delivery: In Company

  Duration: 1 day

  Price: Contact Provider

Cost-Effective In-House Training Tailored to Your Needs.

SquareOne Training offers an in-house PC Essentials workshop, specifically designed to cover the fundamentals of computer usage. From navigating Microsoft Windows desktop properties to creating and editing documents in Word, working with Excel sheets, and utilising frequently used Windows functions, this course caters to the needs of new computer users.

Under the guidance of patient and dedicated trainers, participants will gain the necessary skills to confidently operate Windows PCs.

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AutoCAD Essentials

KLC School of Design

  Delivery: Classroom

  Duration: 3 days

  Price: From 715 GBP

Master AutoCAD in Three Days!

This intensive AutoCAD Essentials course from KLC School of Design aims to familiarise students with the vast array of 2D tools and lay the foundation for their AutoCAD journey. Led by experienced tutors, this program takes beginners to a level of confidence in generating precise scale plans and visuals. Basic technical drawing skills and intermediate computer literacy are prerequisites.

Through hands-on exercises, you will learn key features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, dimensioning, annotating, and printing AutoCAD drawings.

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Microsoft Excel Introduction

Infero Training Ltd

  Delivery: Virtual Classroom, In-company

  Duration: 1 day 

  Price: 198 GPB excl. VAT

Gain Excel Knowledge and Skills.

This hands-on Microsoft Excel Introduction course equips you with a comprehensive and practical understanding of Excel. Learn how to organise, calculate, analyse, revise, update, and present data in ways that enhance decision-making within your organisation

Choose from flexible training options, including classroom sessions at premier locations, virtual instructor-led training, or on-site training tailored to your needs. With Inferno Training, you will enjoy the benefits of small group settings, CPD accreditation, Microsoft-approved courseware, and exercise files. 

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Graduate Certificate in CAD and Computational Techniques

targeted certificate program

  Delivery: Online

  Duration: 6 months

  Price: Contact Provider

Elevate Your CAD Knowledge.

This Graduate Certificate in CAD and Computational Techniques program allows you to specialise in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and gain in-depth knowledge of fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, and applying the finite element method to analyse engineering systems.

Perfect for industry professionals seeking to enhance their skills without pursuing a full Master's degree in mechanical engineering, this targeted certificate program from Engineering Institute of Technology will expand your CAD horizons.

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Microsoft Excel Introduction - In Company

Keys Training

  Delivery: In-company

  Duration: 1 day

  Price: 595 GBP excl. VAT

Learn Relevant Skills to Excel in Your Workplace.

Whether you're a beginner or self-taught, this Microsoft Excel Introduction course will provide you with transformative skills. Experienced trainers from Keys Training will guide you through hands-on exercises and practical examples, enabling you to immediately apply what you've learned in your workplace.

Led by Microsoft Certified Trainers, our instructor-led course ensures that skills and techniques are tailored to your needs, equipping you with Excel features applicable to your role. Upon completion, you'll have a solid understanding of Excel terminology, confident navigation skills, proficiency in data entry, editing, formatting, formula calculations, chart creation, and more.

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AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Essentials - Virtual Classroom Training

Cadline - CAD and Autodesk Specialists

  Delivery: Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 5 days

  Price: 48.33 GBP excl. VAT

Take Your Professional Drawing and Design Skills to the Next Level.

This AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Essentials course focuses on the essential commands needed for precise and professional technical drawings. Cadline - CAD and Autodesk Specialists deliver classroom or virtual courses, using optimised remote delivery technology to offer an effective learning experience.

Upon completion, you'll be able to confidently navigate the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT user interfaces, utilise fundamental features, and employ precision drafting tools to develop accurate technical drawings. 

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