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Last updated: 15/04/2021

Top 5 Skills Every Director Needs

Keen to take your organisation to greater heights? Here are 5 essential skills that every director should master to lead your people to success.

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Last updated: 07/04/2021

What Does Lifelong Learning Mean? How Can It Help You?

Are you curious about the idea of lifelong learning? Do you want to know how lifelong learning can not only improve your life but also benefit your company? Read this article to discover the meaning of lifelong learning, why it’s important, and the benefits of lifelong learning. 

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Last updated: 31/03/2021

Top 6 Skills for New Managers

Whether you’re an aspiring manager or settling into your first management position, this article covers the top 6 skills that you’ll need to succeed. We asked managers and leaders from across a range of industries which top skills they believed to be the most important for a new manager to learn. Read on to discover what you should focus on as a new manager and why. 

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Last updated: 18/03/2021

What are NVQ Courses?

Looking for a straightforward qualification to get your dream job? Want to gain new skills without the stress of countless written exams? If you fancy gaining plenty of practical experience to help you forge a career in a particular industry, then an NVQ course could be for you. Read our NVQ FAQs to learn more about this option and if it fits your future plans.

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Last updated: 17/03/2021

What is a Foundation Degree?

Have you always dreamed of studying your favourite subject at university, but lack the desired grades? Don’t let your previous exam results from secondary school or college prevent you from enrolment. We’ve covered the foundation degree FAQs to provide you with all of the introductory information you need to see if this degree is a good match for you and your goals.  

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Last updated: 14/04/2021

How Does Lifelong Learning Help Your Career Development?

Instilling a commitment to lifelong learning at a team level will help you and those around you commit to self-development; and here are 4 great reasons to do this.

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Last updated: 24/02/2021

Why Should You Recruit Entry-Level Employees?

In this article, we highlight four major benefits that entry-level workers bring to your organisation, and the top four skills to look for when recruiting entry-level employees.

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Last updated: 24/02/2021

What are Access to Higher Education courses?

Want to go to university but didn’t get the right grades at 6th form or college? Learn from our Access to Higher Education FAQs how you can keep your ambitions alive.

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Last updated: 23/02/2021

What is a National Diploma?

Whether you’re looking for a less-academic focused qualification to help you progress to university, or want to complete a course with a specific career in mind, a national diploma could be for you. Our national diploma FAQs will answer any questions you may have.

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Last updated: 23/02/2021

Are BTECs as good as A-Levels?

The uptake of BTEC qualifications is on the rise - so how do they stack up against A-Levels? Find out why BTECs are just as good as A-levels in this article.

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U.K. L&D Report: 2019 - Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

Are you curious about the L&D strategies of some of the U.K.'s top companies?

Find out what they're up to in's second annual U.K. L&D Report!


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