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CIPD Intermediate vs. Advanced Awards

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Whether you are trying to advance your career in human resources or trying to break into the field, professional development is the leading choice for getting employers to notice you. Making the effort to develop your career and motivate change within your organisation has a multitude of effects, both immediate and long-lasting.

Not only can you boost your knowledge of the field and apply it directly to your work, but you can also increase your salary. The hardest part is trying to determine which education or qualifications to pursue.

The CIPD, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, is the industry partner of choice. The CIPD sets professional standards utilizing research-led insights and the ideas of world leading HR and L&D experts to upset the industry and inspire change in the way organisations think about human resources.

If you’ve already made the choice to pursue professional development with CIPD, it’s important to set your sights in the right direction and understand all your options. It’s also important to know at which level to pursue your education. CIPD offers qualifications at both the intermediate and advanced level. So, what’s the difference?

CIPD Intermediate Awards

CIPD Intermediate Award

The CIPD intermediate level qualifications are equivalent to degree level and are meant for HR professionals who are trying to progress in their career by improving their knowledge and practical skills.

Topics covered include evaluating HR models and their effectiveness, understanding their impact on an organisation, and developing improved models. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are developed as students test their knowledge by applying what they have learned to their own organisations.

An Intermediate Award is granted if the participant completes a module in a specialisation. On average, an Award requires at least sixty hours of learning comprised of classroom teaching, case study, and assessment work. Participants have a total of six months to meet all the requirements to be granted the Award.

CIPD Intermediate Awards

CIPD Advanced Awards

CIPD Advanced Award

If you have already completed a CIPD Intermediate Award or have the equivalent qualification, you may be ready for the CIPD Advanced qualification. The advanced award is equivalent to postgraduate level studies and is recommended for professionals who hold senior positions within their organisation.

The CIPD Advanced Award helps professionals to improve the way they implement strategies, develop policies, and manage teams. Because of its prestigious curriculum, the CIPD Advanced Award has become one of the most widely-recognised qualifications in the HR field.

Some Award topics include employment law, reward management, and resourcing and talent management. On average, a CIPD Advanced Award takes 12 months to complete and is comprised of face-to-face modules, webinars, and take-home assignments.

CIPD Advanced Awards

Get Your Employer Involved

CIPD Awards

More and more companies are realising that when they support their employees’ professional development, they are investing in their resources and by extension, their organisation. That’s because employees with a qualification add value to the organisations they work for by demonstrating advanced knowledge of their subject areas and a commitment to their profession.

Furthermore, professional development boosts both team morale and retention rates, making it a great bet for return on investment. When qualified employees lead, organisations are better able to respond to change and grow through innovation.

Fortunately, the CIPD also offers Awards via in-house training. Employers are able to where and when CIPD trainers deliver the course material, which can also be customised for an organisation’s particular needs.

Don’t Wait, Get Awarded

CIPD Awards

Both the CIPD Intermediate Award and CIPD Advanced Award grant recipients the ability to demonstrate their commitment to the HR profession and prove to employees that they are dedicated to their professional development. Whether you pursue the qualification independently or through your employer, you will leave with a new skillset applicable to your current and future position.

So, what are you waiting for? A CIPD Award is on the horizon.

Check out all that the CIPD has to offer, and research which option is the most suitable for you.

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Last updated: 10 Oct 2018

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