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Last updated: 28/05/2020

An Introduction to Office Investments

The office sector remains the largest of the three traditional commercial property investment sectors, outshining industrial and retail – and is currently valued at around £208 billion in the UK, according to David Hourihan, programme leader Real Estate Master at the University College of Real Estate Management. Presenting the latest Bayfield Training webinar on An Introduction to Office Investmen ...
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Last updated: 29/04/2022

Top 10 Online Finance Courses

Online finance courses are available for those starting out in the industry as well as for the professional looking to stay abreast of the latest developments. Browse the top 10 online finance courses to start your online learning journey today!

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Last updated: 22/02/2022

FCA Professional Development Guide

Developing your career in financial services can seem like a daunting prospect – particularly when trying to understand Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) qualifications and requirements. Here at FindCourses, we’ve unpicked some of the complexity and put together a handy guide to understanding FCA requirements for professional development in finance.

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Last updated: 09/12/2019

10 Financial concepts you should be familiar with

No matter how specialised professionals have become over the last decade, it is important for people in any business to be well acquainted with a few vital financial concepts. The higher up you go in your career the frequency of the terms and importance of them will grow. 

Read this list to test your financial terminology knowledge and understand what key terms mean.

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Last updated: 18/06/2018

Top five reasons to get into compliance

Compliance may not be the sexiest sounding profession, but it is a crucial and increasingly valued function that organisations know they need to invest in to avoid costly mistakes.

So why not think about getting into compliance? David Robson from International Compliance Training (ICT) outlines his top 5 reasons for joining the profession.

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Last updated: 19/05/2022

4 things you didn’t know about becoming FCA qualified

Financial services firms in the UK are, understandably, closely monitored and regulated by a dedicated entity: the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

But that doesn't mean that individuals are off the hook. Financial advisers need to be qualified to perform the role they are given with an FCA-approved qualification. Here are 4 things you didn't know about this process.

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U.K. L&D Report: 2019 - Benchmark Your Workplace Learning Strategy

Are you curious about the L&D strategies of some of the U.K.'s top companies?

Find out what they're up to in's second annual U.K. L&D Report!


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