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What is Finance?

From a business, personal and public perspective, finance entails the acts of saving, lending and even making money. Finance can also be applied in the analysis of which markets are marking money and later, planning and strategising for investment. In this complex field, factors such as time, money and risk are taken into consideration both as independent entities and in their relationships with each other and their effects on financial input and output.

Just as finance is varied, training courses in finance come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Available courses may be specific to any branch of the financial sector, specific job roles as well as specialized tasks or skills or even religious financial training (for example Islamic Banking). Whether you are a broker wishing to brush up in investment strategy, a senior manager needing skills in financial management or an accountant seeking to advance their skills in computerised payroll, there is a training course for you.

A few popular areas of finance are:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Payroll and taxes
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Credit Control

Finance courses 

Interested in taking part in a short term finance course to get a better idea of the subject matter? Explore a range of short term finance courses ranging from a few hours to 1 day length, or you could look at some of the apprenticeship and trainee courses that are on offer. Findcourses offers a variety of Finance Course, with scheduled Open courses, Online and In-house options.

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