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More about Financial Risk Management Training Courses

Financial risk management is an integral factor to the vitality of any business. By implementing an effective financial risk management strategy, organisations can successfully evaluate, control, and reduce risks to the minimal acceptable level. Without sound risk management regimens, significant losses could be incurred in a business' credit and market profile. This is what makes training courses on financial risk essential and even vital for a successful organisation within the financial services sector regardless of role: whether evaluating capital markets, or working in a financial management role.

Financial Risk Management is built on the fundamentals of three key points, which are addressed in great detailed by professional training programmes listed above:

Financial Risk Best Practice

These training courses cover the range of resources and techniques of financial risk which help a company to identify specific vulnerabilities in its operations, particularly those which cause it to lose money. Financial risk courses help to identify financial vulnerabilities which range from:

  • Credit risk - this causes an organization to lose money when its business partners, such as customers, are unable to pay back amounts owed.
  • Market risk - this is the vulnerability that arises from negative movements or trends in material prices.
  • Currency risk - or Foreign-exchange risks involve losses that may result when assets lose their value due to changes in foreign currency values.

Risk and Management of Organisations

Risk management training courses help in understanding and analysing various, different business and financial risks that organisations face. They also help in making decisions based on whether potential returns justify taking those risks.

Quantifying financial risk

Learning to clearly quantify business risks helps in making key decisions in the company's key functional areas: finance, marketing, operations, among others. Quantifying business risks allows management teams to implement appropriate risk management procedures and thereby efficiently prioritise and distribute their resources. One key aspect of risk quantification processes is risk assessment. Risk assessment involves determining a business's risks.

Controlling financial risk

Financial risk control training courses enable businesses to clearly recognise areas where they are vulnerable and likely to lose money, and thereby avoid having a skewed view of their actual work stream or revenues and losses. The goal is to understand what could cause a company to fail by examining all factors, regardless of exposure, so as to determine how it would fare in certain scenarios - for instance, the bankruptcy of its major customer.

Qualitative Tools for Risk Assessment

This training course looks at diverse tools that companies use to track and counter financial risks. These tools include mainframe computers, financial analysis software, risk management applications, and information search or retrieval applications. Other tools include enterprise-resource-planning software and customer relationship management programmes. Other topics covered by financial risk management training courses include:

  • Market mechanisms and efficiencies
  • Commodity price and Equity risk
  • Methods for measuring financial risk
  • Qualitative approaches to financial risk assessment.

Financial risk management processes therefore involve: monitoring the economy, so as to review periods of uncertainty or slowdown; continually evaluate business partners' financial profiles; accounting statements; and credit scores - all of which are covered in professional training programmes addressed at financial risk professionals.

In addition to these courses in financial risk, also has an extensive list of corporate finance courses.

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