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AutoCAD Basics to Intermediate Level Course (One to One)

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16 hours
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16 hours
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Course description

Real Animation Works

Course Description: AutoCAD Basic to Intermediate Training Course.

Training duration: 10 hrs

Method: 1-2-1, Personalized attention, Tailored content, Flexible pace, Individual support.

Schedule: Personalized training experience with our flexible 1-2-1 sessions. Tailor your own schedule by pre-booking a convenient hour of your choice, available from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 7 pm.

The AutoCAD Basic to Intermediate Training Course is a comprehensive program designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in AutoCAD, from the basics to intermediate-level skills. Whether you are new to AutoCAD or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, this course offers a structured learning path to help you gain proficiency in this powerful computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Throughout the course, participants will be introduced to the essential features and functionalities of AutoCAD. They will learn how to navigate the interface, create and edit 2D drawings, manage layers and properties, apply dimensioning techniques, and create professional layouts. As the course progresses, participants will delve into intermediate-level topics, including advanced drawing and editing tools, blocks and attributes, external references, and more.

By enrolling in the AutoCAD Basic to Intermediate Training Course, participants will develop the skills necessary to create precise and accurate technical drawings. Whether attending in-person or joining the live online sessions, participants will benefit from interactive learning experiences and the guidance of experienced instructors.

As part of the course package, all participants will have access to lesson recordings, allowing them to review the course material at their convenience. Additionally, lifetime email support ensures ongoing assistance and guidance, even after completing the course.

Benefits of Taking the Course:

  1. Strong Foundation in AutoCAD: Gain a solid understanding of AutoCAD's fundamental concepts and workflows. Develop the skills to create accurate and professional 2D drawings essential for architectural, engineering, and construction projects.
  2. Practical Skill Development: Acquire hands-on experience through exercises and projects that simulate real-world design scenarios. Apply your AutoCAD skills to create technical drawings and develop your problem-solving abilities.
  3. Enhanced Design Efficiency: Learn time-saving techniques and tips to optimize your workflow in AutoCAD. Discover how to work more efficiently, automate repetitive tasks, and improve your productivity.
  4. Versatile Application: Explore the versatility of AutoCAD and its application in various industries, including architecture, engineering, interior design, and more. Develop skills that are relevant and applicable to your specific career path.
  5. Recorded Lessons for Review: Access to lesson recordings allows you to revisit the course material and reinforce your learning. Review specific topics or techniques whenever needed, ensuring a deeper understanding of AutoCAD.
  6. Lifetime Email Support: Benefit from ongoing support through lifetime email assistance. Receive guidance, answers to your questions, and further clarification, even after completing the course.

Enroll in the AutoCAD Basic to Intermediate Training Course and lay a solid foundation in this powerful CAD software. Choose between in-person or live online sessions, and take advantage of lesson recordings and lifetime email support. Develop your AutoCAD skills, create precise technical drawings, and unlock new opportunities in your professional journey.

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Suitability - Who should attend?

The Basic to Intermediate AutoCAD training course is designed for individuals who are interested in learning and improving their skills in using AutoCAD for 2D drafting and design. It is beneficial for a variety of professionals and students in different fields, including:

  1. Architects and Architectural Drafters: AutoCAD is widely used in the architecture industry for creating floor plans, elevations, sections, and construction drawings. Architects and architectural drafters can enhance their drafting skills and create more accurate and detailed drawings by attending this course.

  2. Engineers and Engineering Drafters: AutoCAD is essential for engineers and engineering drafters involved in disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering. The course will enable them to create precise technical drawings and schematics for their projects.

  3. Interior Designers: Interior designers can use AutoCAD to create detailed layouts and plans for interior spaces. This course will provide them with the necessary skills to produce accurate drawings that showcase their design concepts.

  4. Construction Professionals: Construction professionals, including contractors, project managers, and estimators, can benefit from learning AutoCAD to understand and interpret construction drawings. This course will help them communicate effectively with architects and engineers and improve their overall understanding of the design process.

  5. Students and Educators: Students pursuing careers in architecture, engineering, interior design, or related fields can gain a solid foundation in AutoCAD by attending this course. Educators teaching these subjects can also benefit from updating their AutoCAD skills and learning new teaching techniques.

  6. Drafters and CAD Technicians: Professionals already working as drafters or CAD technicians can enhance their skills and expand their career opportunities by improving their AutoCAD proficiency through this course.

  7. Any Individual Interested in Learning AutoCAD: If you have a personal interest in learning AutoCAD or want to acquire a valuable skill that is widely used in various industries, this course is suitable for you as well. It provides a comprehensive introduction to AutoCAD and helps you develop the necessary skills to create 2D drawings.

It's worth noting that the course assumes no prior knowledge of AutoCAD, making it suitable for beginners. However, individuals with some basic familiarity with the software can also benefit from attending to strengthen their foundation and enhance their proficiency.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

After completing a Basic to Intermediate AutoCAD training course, you can expect to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Proficiency in AutoCAD: You will gain a solid understanding of the AutoCAD software and its various features and functions. You will become proficient in creating, editing, and manipulating 2D drawings and designs.

  2. Drawing and Editing Skills: You will learn how to create precise and accurate drawings using AutoCAD's drawing tools. You will be able to create and modify basic geometric shapes, lines, arcs, circles, and polygons. Additionally, you will learn editing techniques to modify existing drawings efficiently.

  3. Dimensioning and Annotation: You will learn how to add dimensions, text, and annotations to your drawings. This includes adding measurements, text labels, and other necessary information to convey your design intent effectively.

  4. Layer Management: You will understand the concept of layers in AutoCAD and learn how to organize and manage them. Layers help you control the visibility and appearance of different elements in your drawing, allowing for better organization and clarity.

  5. Object Properties and Object Snapping: You will gain proficiency in working with object properties such as color, line type, and line weight. You will also learn how to use object snapping to precisely locate and align objects within your drawings.

  6. Blocks and Attributes: You will learn how to create and use blocks, which are reusable objects within AutoCAD. Additionally, you will understand how to add attributes to blocks, enabling you to create dynamic blocks with editable properties.

  7. Drawing Efficiency: Through the course, you will acquire techniques and shortcuts to enhance your productivity and speed up your drawing process. This includes using commands, keyboard shortcuts, and tool palettes effectively.

  8. 2D Drafting and Design: By the end of the course, you will have the skills to create complex 2D drawings and designs, including floor plans, elevations, sections, and detail drawings.

  9. Printing and Plotting: You will learn how to set up and configure layout sheets for printing and plotting your drawings. This includes setting appropriate scale, paper size, and plot settings to ensure accurate and high-quality output.

  10. Problem Solving and Troubleshooting: Throughout the course, you will develop problem-solving skills specific to AutoCAD. You will learn how to diagnose and resolve common issues that may arise during the drawing process.

Upon successful completion of the Basic to Intermediate AutoCAD training course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. This certificate serves as evidence that you have actively participated in the course and have acquired the fundamental skills and knowledge of AutoCAD.

The Certificate of Attendance is a valuable document that you can include in your professional portfolio or resume. It demonstrates your commitment to professional development and showcases your proficiency in using AutoCAD for 2D drafting and design. Having this certification can enhance your credibility and increase your chances of employment or advancement in industries that require AutoCAD proficiency.

The certificate will typically include essential details such as your name, the name of the training institution or organization, the course title, the duration of the course, and the date of completion. It serves as a tangible recognition of your efforts and dedication to improving your AutoCAD skills.

Please note that the availability of the certificate may vary depending on the training provider or institution offering the course. It's advisable to check with the specific training program you are interested in to confirm the availability of a certificate of attendance.

Training Course Content

Session 1.

  • Introduction to AutoCAD interface, commands, and tools
  • Creating and managing drawings
  • Drawing basic shapes and objects
  • Basic modification techniques (erase, move, rotate, scale)

Session 2.

  • Working with layers and properties
  • Creating and modifying text and dimensions
  • Introduction to blocks and attributes

Session 3.

  • Advanced object modification techniques (fillet, chamfer, trim, extend)
  • Using grips to modify objects
  • Creating and modifying polylines and splines

Session 4.

  • Creating and editing tables
  • Creating and working with layouts and viewports
  • Printing and exporting drawings

Throughout the course, students will complete exercises and projects to practice their skills and reinforce their knowledge. Additionally, there will be time for Q&A and troubleshooting as needed. By the end of the course, students should have a solid understanding of AutoCAD 2D and be able to create and modify basic to intermediate drawings using the software.

Training provided by Autodesk certified professionals. (16 hours) One to One INTRODUCTION• Interface(HOME/INSERT/ANNOTATE/VIEW/ETC)• CommandLine• StatusToggles(SNAP/GRID/POLAR/OSNAP/O TRACK/ETC)• DrawingControls• Units• Workspace HOMEDraw• Line• Polyline• Circle• Arc• Rectangle• Ellipse• Spline• Polygon• Ray• Hatching• Gradient Inquiry• Measure• Select All Modify• Move• Copy• Rotate• Mirror• Fillet• Trim• Extend• Erase• Offset• Explode• Array• Stretch• Break• PolylineEdit• HatchEdit• Scale(Two methods) Layers• Creating Layers• Managing Layers• Isolate/UnIsolate• Changing Layers• Line Type• Line Weights Annotation• Dimensions• Text• DimensionStyle• TextStyle• Leaders Properties• Colours• Line weights• Line Types• Line Type Scaling Block• Create• Insert• Edit• Explode• ExportINSERT• Insert• Attach VIEW• Navigate• View• Windows PLOT/PRINT• ModelSpace• Layouts/Workspaces• Viewports• LayoutScaling• PaperSetup• WhatToPlot• PlotScale• Plot Offset• Plot and print final detailed Project.


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27 Oct 2021
Best training for Autocad so far

Real Animation works have been excellent. They always make time for you, even at the last minute, and the tutor was so friendly and patient. I have learned so much from her! I h...

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23 Dec 2019
Wonderfull course and Amazing tutors

I have done my 16 hrs Vectorworks 2d and 3d course and trust me I feel now like a superhero. Thanks, Ali and team and I am back in New year for Revit.

Daniela Basco
15 Oct 2019
Amazing training company

Amazing training company close to tube and highly equipped. Very good and qualified tutors. Highly recommend. Already booked my second course. Thanks Ali for being so profession...

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Course fee:

Autocad 10 hrs 1-2-1 training course = £ 290Autocad
16 hrs 1-2-1 training course = £ 480
Autocad 20 hrs 1-2-1 training course = £ 600

Continuing Studies

We understand the importance of accessibility and continuous support for our learners. That's why at Real Animation Works, we are dedicated to providing convenient access to our training and ongoing assistance. Our availability extends from Monday to Saturday, operating from 9 am to 9 pm, ensuring flexible scheduling options to accommodate various time zones and individual preferences.

In addition, we believe in fostering long-term success for our students. Therefore, we provide lifetime email and phone support, ensuring that you can reach out to us whenever you need guidance, clarification, or assistance, even beyond the completion of the course. Our experienced instructors are committed to your growth and are ready to provide ongoing support to help you excel in your creative journey.

Choose Real Animation Works for a comprehensive learning experience with convenient access and lifetime support. Join us and unlock your creative potential today!

One-to-One. In-Person or Live Online.

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