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Have you been searching for the perfect professional training for your employees but haven't found the right one yet? Perhaps it's time to start considering in house training in order to provide your staff with a customized alternative to large conferences and seminars.

In house training allows employers to request trainings that speak directly to the needs of both their organisation and employees and the problems they face everyday. Plus, it is often cost friendly and time effective considering that many employees can be trained on-site without having to make complicated travel arrangements or spending days out of the office.

The best part is that almost any kind of training can be offered as an in house alternative. So, whether your staff needs customer service training, a finance course, or an IT refresher, there is an in house option that can be suited to their needs. Continue reading to learn more about in house courses that will fit any schedule or budget. You're employees are guaranteed to thank you for it!

In-House Training Courses and Options

In-house training courses are also referred to as customised, bespoke or corporate programmes, and are developed specifically for each organisation and presented on-site at your offices or at an off-site suitable location. In-house training courses are intended for closed groups of participants and, regardless of the delivery location, the content of company-specific courses is usually tailored to each organisation's needs.

Bespoke Training Courses for Companies

When it comes to bespoke, in house training courses, the degree of customisation can vary between training providers. Bespoke can either mean that the a pre-developed course is modified to refer to more relevant, industry-specific case study examples, or that the training provider develops a programme from scratch to suit your needs after a thorough consultation.

The Benefits of In house Training

There are some clear benefits to opting for this kind of in-house training for your business:

  • Value for money - If you have 5+ participants requiring training, a closed course tends to provide very significant savings for your organisation as you save the travel and accommodation costs often associated with sending them on public courses. Additionally, in-house training is usually charged by the day, not per participant, therefore you pay one rate regardless of the amount of people you wish to train (often with restrictions of up 15).
  • Convenience - In-house training is run on demand, with the timing of the training completely up to you. This means the course will be take place when you need it most and result in less time out of the office for staff.
  • Customisation - Both the course content and the mode of the course delivery can be customised to meet your requirements.
  • Confidentiality: You and your team have the opportunity to talk openly and the freedom to ask questions that they may not be comfortable raising in a public course.

In terms of location, in-house training can have the benefit that the familiar environment helps participants more readily apply the skills learnt when they return to work. On the other hand, off-site courses have the benefit or removing work-related distractions, providing what can often be a more focused learning experience that proves more memorable for the candidates. What works best for you will depend on your individual situation and training requirements.

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