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Leadership Pathway Programme & MPW Learning Collaboration

A large high street charity organisation that supports disabled people and their families were looking to update the skills of their area managers. The current management style was out dated and had resulted in several performance issues within the charity shops across the UK.

Streamlining Management Processes & MPW Learning 

In the Beginning

It was clear that some of the issues that were being experienced were not common across all of the area management team and therefore the normal route of updating skills by sending managers on a training course was not appropriate. An approach had to be taken to promote a team focused culture within the management team rather than their current style of working in isolation.

A programme called ‘Leadership Pathway Programme’ was designed to bring all of the skills within the management team up to date and also work on specific issues that were impacting the productivity of individual managers. The programme had three stages; a one day introductory event, individual coaching over several months, and a one day graduation event.

Implementing the Programme

The introductory event consisted of an overview of the programme and what was expected of each manager. Also diagnostic questionnaires were used to help each manager understand their leadership style. Each manager then attended five individual coaching sessions on several subjects such as people management, conflict handling, time management, and developing their people. Between each session they were required to carry out project work to implement their new skills into the way they managed the business. Individual coaching was chosen as the most suitable method to develop each manager’s skill set as it allows a flexible approach to develop the necessary skills where the coach and manager work together to find the most suitable outcome to business problems that were being experienced.

The concluding section of the programme was attendance of a one day Leadership Pathway Graduation event, where all of the managers delivered a presentation showing what changes they have made during their development and the impact this has had on the business. Each candidate was presented with a certificate recognising the successful completion of the programme.

Delivering Results

As a result of the Leadership Pathway programme, common working practices were introduced across all of the regions. All of the managers shared issues relevant to their areas and used a structured problem solving approach to rectify those issues. Productivity increased and the occurrence of complaint tribunals from shop managers reduced significantly due to a more collaborative management style across all of the areas.       

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