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More about Absence Management Courses

Absence Management Courses: Your Training Essentials

Absence management is the process of managing workdays for employees and keeping track of the employee performance and how they align their work ethics with the organisational structure and policies. Absence management over the past few years has become a growing concern for corporations owing to the growing globalisation and international performance standards.

There are many reasons for people taking leaves and absences, some of which are:

  • Short-term sickness
  • Long-term sickness
  • Annual leaves and personal issues such as maternity, paternity, public leaves and compassion leaves
  • Unauthorised lateness

Human resources professionals need to account for all these leaves and make employee graphs aligning with their performance standards for the organisation.

Absence Management Courses: What is Typically Covered?

Professional training absence management courses include training in important concepts such as:

  • Absence and related reasons
  • Measurement of absence
  • Importance of having absence policies and their regulations
  • Managing short-term and long-term absences
  • Legal positions and legislative procedures
  • Human resources management procedures
  • Measures to deal with persistent delays at work
  • Survey methods for employee motivation

Career Prospects for Professionals Specialising in Absence Management

Professionals specialising in absence management courses can find job opportunities in different sectors of corporate functioning such as Human Resources personnel, equal opportunities officer and training managers. Some common responsibilities in absence management include organisation and manpower planning, maintaining employee contracts and leave scheduling, payroll/database management and welfare management.

Training Format of the Absence Management Courses

Absence management courses are provided in different formats including online sources, open courses and tailored in-house training for companies. Online courses in absence management help professionals to attend classes and exams at any time including the flexibility to revisit course materials. Traditional classroom settings and open or scheduled courses are also common in absence management classes. Some onsite job training options are also available for professionals in absence management, to help incorporate the organisation's specific HR policies and legislative procedures.

Pressing Issues in Absence Management Courses

Implementing an absence management system within the organisation requires convincing the management about how cost-effective it is as many might think of it as an added expense. Keeping an account of effective management strategies for absence planning is essential such as effective communication and dissemination of information among employees including explanation of the leaves taken and their consequences good or bad. One of the key essentials in absence management include designing voluntary programmes and measures for reducing workday losses or covering up during absences or leaves.

Benefits of Absence Management Courses for Professionals

Absence management is one of policies of human resources management that has lately received special attention from  higher management, due to its impact on cost positioning and performance management. Human resources professionals specialising in absence management are hired across different multinational companies and corporations in different sectors such as banking, finance, real estate, insurance and ad agencies.

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