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Amadeus Training Programmes cover all training requirements for those who would like to start a career in global distribution system management and ticketing.
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More about Amadeus Booking System Training Courses

What is Amadeus Booking System and Distribution Software?

Amadeus Booking System is an industry-specific training software designed for travel industry professionals. Training courses delivered by accredited Amadeus courses organisers offers professional tutorials, up-to-date theoretical knowledge, and flexibility for both companies and individuals. From managing a global distribution system to extensive knowledge about the travel industry and ticketing; all areas are covered by specialised training providers within flexible learning modules, from ticketing to global distribution system management.

Different Training Levels and Study Modes to Choose from

Based on the individual's level of expertise, Amadeus specialised training providers offers different course levels: from introductory to conversion, intermediate and advanced. Amadeus Booking System training courses can be completed in a classroom setting, by distance learning or as part of a company-specific, in-house training programme. All participants start with the introductory training, and can build upon their existing knowledge in the next modules, built upon the same content.

Self-paced Training Courses

A good alternative to classroom training is a trainer-led web-based course. Participants are able to take part in discussions, making sure that they gain a full understanding of booking system management and ticketing. This is the closest one can get to real life training, without the high cost, and having to get out of the house. It is a perfect solution for those with reduced mobility.

Key Benefits of Completing an Amadeus Training Course Online

One of the most beneficial features of the courses offered by Amadeus accredited providers is that they can be adjusted to the learner's own pace. Self-paced course materials are distributed through the internet, and are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This provides learners with extra flexibility they might need if they have a full time job or a family to look after. Learners also have extra time to fully understand the technology behind booking system management.

Specialised Professional Training by Accredited Amadeus Training Providers

For those who would like to become proficient in booking system management and specialise in one aspect of it, enroling on a training course is the best choice. For those looking to find employment in the travel industry, Amadeus knowledge is a key starting point. The commonly accepted and recognised Global Distribution System (GDS) qualification helps graduates become more competitive on the job market, by having relevant, up to date knowledge about booking system management and industry trends.

Amadeus Booking System training courses are offered by widely recognised training providers. Professional e-travel managment courses are especially beneficial for those who already are working in the field, and people who would like to start a career in this highly rewarding branch. Flexible study modes, various modules and self-paced courses for added learner benefit covering all features of Amadeus are available.

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