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Competitive Intelligence courses are aimed at highly qualified individuals who wish to master the core business competencies and who intend to use these competencies in strategic projects.
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Displaying 1-20 of 44 results

Competitive Intelligence courses consist of lectures and training offered by experts in the business strategy field. Programmes usually span over several days, weeks, or even months, depending on the location and the platform course providers choose to use. They can be offered by business schools and accredited training providers specifically set up for, and specialising in, this subject.

Types of training courses available

There are various types of courses offered and they all give various proportions of theoretical and practical groundwork. Some of the Competitive Intelligence courses you may find in the list above consist of in-house training opportunities, catering to large numbers of employees at a time and promoting cross-departmental cooperation.  

Competitive Intelligence allows delegates to perform detailed assessments of their business environments and to convey proven methods that will make them indispensable assets to their business. They involve a series of case studies that allow delegates to understand examples from their own sector, as well as others, and to apply the methods discussed to their particular organisation.

What do competitive intelligence courses entail?

Courses will typically revolve around the age-old tenets of game theory and their application in the analysis of competition, and they enable the delegate to develop highly sophisticated Competitive Intelligence course programs that can be used at the departmental, organisational or, even international  corporation level. They also provide invaluable access to the gurus of Competitive Intelligence, allowing delegates to conceptualise their given examples and to learn from their application.

Finally, the courses are set to equip the delegate to deal more efficiently with future disruptions, foreseen or otherwise. They allow delegates to anticipate change and to react instinctively based on a thorough understanding of their competitors, as well as their personal blind-spots. They provide the training that empowers the delegates to forecast competitive threats and to pin-point structural changes in their sector that can eventually lead to share value consolidation.

Courses also enable participants to expand their networks, offering an important advantage in the current business climate, where cut-throat practices can make or break a business. They also aim to create networking opportunities that will not only expand your reach, but also improve your interpersonal skills, in the process.

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