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Contract Law

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. A contract is legally enforced, also known as arbitrary binding, if it contains specific elements of a valid legal agreement. Legal contracts are those that comprise an exchange of promises with specific legal remedies for breach, including compensatory remedy, whereby the defaulting party is required to pay monies that would otherwise have been exchanged were the contract honoured, or an equitable remedy such as specific performance, in which the person who entered into the contract is required to carry out the specific action they have reneged upon.

Contract Law courses

Within the legal field of Contract and Regulatory, continued professional development is essential, as delegates have the responsibility of ensuring they are up-to-date and always renewing their knowledge. Contract & regulatory training courses are designed in several formats and styles to suit a range of law and legal organisations.

Contract law courses are available for various levels of legal proficiency and differing experiences in legal situations. Depending on the need for the legal course, there is training in contract law courses at introductory level, ranging to effective contract law, drafting commercial contracts, contract negotiation, regulatory frameworks, and managing strategic contracts. Those interested in contract law may be interested in a more over-arching business law course.

Browse the different contract & regulatory course proficiency levels and talk to the course providers about your goals and if the training can focus on your professional area, such as contract law, employment law, financial law, insurance law or trade law, etc.,

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