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Continuing Professional Development - CPD hours

CPD is a nationwide training framework that enables professionals in all areas to actively measure and improve the way they advance in their careers. It functions as an hour-based credit system, is defined by the UK's official Certification Service as "a commitment to structured skills enhancement and personal or professional competence". The official CPD Certification Service implemented this hour-based credit system across different professional areas, in order to encourage all organisations and their employees to stay up-to-date with industry changes.

Lifelong learning principles

Continuing professional development is based on lifelong learning principles that are also encouraged by state institutions, individual organisations and training providers worldwide.

Continuity: CPD training starts from the premise that formal education does not end after earning second or third-cycle degree, but continues throughout your professional career. By achieving a constant learning rhythm, you will be able to constantly assimilate new insight of the industry you are operating in.

Professionalism: Building a lifelong career means being committed to raising the professional standards in your workplace and, in broader terms, in the entire professional branch that motivated you to chose your job. Norms of professionalism may vary from a company to another or across countries, but the aim to better oneself while building a career is commonly agreed as best organisational practice and certainly desirable in all work environments.

Development and Education: Due to the volatility of the professional market and ever-changing industry trends, professionals in the knowledge-intensive sector benefit from constant training via interactive options: networking, exposure to clients' expectations or connectivity with diverse professional cultures, all geared at improving individual careers and preparing organisations to meet tomorrow's global challenges.

Accrediting Bodies and Training Providers

To become accredited training providers of CPD-certified courses, professional trainers in the UK have to prove their proficiency in teaching and lifelong learning principles. A culture of knowledge exchange is thus built around  learning institutes and businesses that share the mission to further develop their employees' knowledge and practical skills.

Recommended and Popular Training Areas

The institutional accreditation required to provide CPD-recognised qualifications has become increasingly popular in the Accounting, Finance and Banking sector. Chartered institutes and accredited trainers have designed new training schemes that can count towards yearly CPD training requirements. The all-industry focus on management development explains why a growing number of junior managers and executives choose to further their careers via CPD courses. If you want to focus on developing your personal skills, communication and professional relations, other popular CPD-accredited schemes are the personal development and coaching courses.