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Proofreading Courses - Learn to edit and correct text professionally

Find out how you can improve your writing and editing skills - choose the professional training course that can make a difference in your profession

Training courses in copy editing can teach you how to read texts with a critical eye and ensure the messages is clear. In addition to ensuring proper grammar and spelling, Copy Editors ensure quality, consistency, style and readability of texts. They corroborate jargon, terminology and semantics, as well as optimise layout. 

Improve your writing and editing skills by attending a professional course. Below you will find a list of Editing courses available throughout the UK. Request more information to receive more details tailored to your personal requirements.

Proofreading Diploma
NCC Home Learning
240 hours
375 GBP
Whether you intend to do proofreading on a professional basis or simply wish to improve your knowledge, this Level 4...
Surveying Technologies Course Level 3
UK Open College Ltd
120 hours
399 GBP
Home Study Surveying Level 3 Course. This course provides students with a theoretical understanding of what it takes to qualify...
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Training Courses in Editing

Professional training courses in editing show you how to effectively read text with a critical eye to insure readability, quality, as well as correct semantics and terminology. These skills are not only vital to companies but also on an individual level. Whether you’re looking to improve your general grammar skills, learn how to edit specifically for scientific or technical texts, or even if you are already an experienced editor, we have an editing course for you

Anyone can benefit from a course in editing, regardless of your profession. Whether you already work in publishing or simply wish to sharpen your written communication skills, a course in editing will equip you with editing knowledge for an array purposes. We have Open training courses, In-house courses and Distance learning courses to fit any schedule.

Communicate better and get your message across more effectively

Communication is essential to our professional and personal lives. It is influential in achieving goals and perpetuates the spreading of ideas throughout an organisation. Training and courses in the field of communication help business professionals learn new ways of communicating and how to improve the way we analyse, develop and execute
communication strategies. Learning effective communication strategies will improve the quality of both verbal and written communication so that internal and external messages are clearly executed.

Public Relations / PR Training Courses

Business communication can be coordinated more effectively using various channels and outlets, which are greatly enabled by the flexibility of online communication technology. With so many various forms of communication, it is more important than ever to deliver clear and concise messages. The on-set of micro-blogging and social networking tools allow companies to stay in touch with their audiences, but it also creates an increasing need for employees to possess the capacity to properly edit text.

Professionals in Public Relations are the face of the company who are in charge of the daily communication with media representatives, and coordinate, among other, social media engagement and damage control. Companies rely on these professionals to be the spokesperson their company and to develop and maintain the company’s image. Professional PR Courses prepare individuals to handle external communication to both the media and target audience.

Media Training Courses

Communicating with journalists and media agents is one of the most valuable forms of business communication. Businesses require confident spokespeople to better disseminate information through to their audience. Training courses in Media teach delegates proper interview body language, answer techniques, sound bite creation and general knowledge of understanding what journalists want. Whether the media is TV, Print, Radio, or New Media, these techniques are universally applicable and valuable.

Writing Skills Training

Effective written communication plays a key role in all professional environments. Too often it happens instantaneously with little time allotted for proof-reading and editing. Training courses in business writing assist delegates with improving their writing skills while taking into account style, audience and language choice. These skills will enable you to create proficient business reports and correspondence while reflecting a professional impression of both you and your company.