FASD - Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Training Courses

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Training courses in FASD awareness are aimed at people within the health care industry, social services, charities, and anyone working with pregnant women and new mothers. 
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More about training covering Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Training courses in the health care field has been aimed at individuals as well as organisations. In particular, professionals within the health care industry will find these courses to be useful in helping bridge gaps in their knowledge, bring them up to date with recent practices, and also who offer new information and shine the spotlight on recent developments.

Social workers, teachers, and anyone whose work involves interacting with children, may sign up for training courses in health care related subjects. The courses will help people understand the basics of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, look for symptoms, identify the signs and understand prevention and treatment options. Individuals who sign up for these courses include family members and people associated with caring for children diagnosed with FASD.

Courses for midwives and special school teachers

The disorder might concern a child but it has an effect on everybody around the child, starting from parents to teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers and midwives. Midwives and special school teachers have a role to play in who identifying, preventing, and managing the problem. Therefore, courses are often focused on these health care professionals and trainers. Training programmes dealing with FASD intervention will also enable teachers to focus on the needs of special children. This includes teaching children, special school courses, and may go even deeper into the subject, and introduce topics such as teaching mathematics to children with special needs.

Why sign up for these courses

Health care is a profession that requires compassion and wisdom part of professionals. Health care professionals who need to keep themselves updated about the latest developments in the medical field, will find training courses in FASD intervention to be a great relevance. Midwives and other professionals who are often greatly influential during the course of pregnancy are also encouraged to participate. Parents who wish to understand more about FASD can sign up for these training courses as well.

The training will not just help fill gaps in the knowledge, they will also make care giving easier and treatment and prevention a greater possibility by arming professionals with the right knowledge. Identifying symptoms, treatment, and management are the core goals of training in health care intervention. The training will contribute to better intervention and management.

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