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Health and Social Care Courses and Training

In the healthcare and social care industries, training courses and programmes are invaluable. Courses in healthcare and social care help professionals stay informed with the latest developments and best practices in caring for others.

What is Health and Social Care?

Health and social care is an important service sector, so much so that new government initiatives are giving it a higher profile now than ever before. The focus of health and social care training courses is on giving service-users more independence, choice and control. This has resulted in a greater demand for well-trained and multi-skilled people across the industry.

Healthcare Training Courses

Within healthcare, the opportunities are wide-ranging, and there are a large number of qualifications, degrees and health and social care courses available. Courses in healthcare often cover today’s most important issues and are expertly designed to inspire and challenge participants. Some health and social care courses offer a broad-based background exploring principles and approaches to caring across the sector. Others offer specific policies and practices or focus on a particular aspect of provision, such as caring for those with mental health problems, palliative care or examining the role of complementary and alternative medicine. 

Health care courses usually draw on the latest research and the experience of practising professionals, to provide you with valuable insight and real-world skills and knowledge. Generally health care course providers deliver short courses and specific continuing training to complement existing health care qualifications, refresh certain care aspects, share new health care research and to bring like-minded health care professionals together in discussion. In comparison, universities and colleges provide the longer initial education required for the medical industry, training people training to be nurses, doctors or dentists, etc.

Healthcare courses can be very specific. They can include increasing your ability to treat and help prevent of illnesses and diseases, to help manage ill, disabled or elderly people or to understand the challenged facing people diagnosed with certain problems such as psychological issues.

Social Care Courses

Social work and human history have always gone together. While social work has always been part of human societies, during the 1800s it began to be a more defined pursuit and even a profession. Societal problems caused by the Industrial Revolution and increased interest in the application of scientific theory to various aspects of study helped increase the number of educational institutions offer social work programmes.

Social care training courses help carers and social workers gain the skills necessary for them to provide high quality levels of care and assistance to those members of the community that need it. Training is often specific to the nature of the work that social carers are involved in, and can be skill-based covering many areas of social care. Health and social care courses are amongst some of the most affordable training courses and free professional training courses available in the UK.

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