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Lean & Six Sigma Training

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever for businesses to lower costs, while still delivering the optimal product. While these may seem like two contradictory proposals, lean business processes and Six Sigma applications enable organisations to remove waste, add customer value, and improve the overall value delivery.

Lean provides the framework for businesses to operate within the lowest cost while utilizing maximum output capacities. Lean involves trimming down unnecessary or wasteful activities. Six Sigma is a systematic process of quality improvement that involves reducing the likelihood of defects and variability in the production process.

Lean Six Sigma courses aim to provide delegates with the knowledge of these business process optimisation methods, enabling them to implement improvements within their own company. Courses are designed to cover various degrees of Six Sigma -  including yellow, green and black belt, quality management, and waste reduction.

Lean Six Sigma training courses

Practitioners of Six Sigma are ranked according to their level of expertise using a “belt” system that roughly corresponds to the belts earned by those who practice the martial arts. As in karate, the darker belts indicate more level of experience. Someone who has earned the title of black belt in Lean Six Sigma is at the highest level. A Black Belt has the knowledge and experience to  lead any team in their organization in the execution of Lean Six Sigma projects. They also often conduct Lean Six Sigma training and act as mentors to other Belts-in-training.

Black Belt training is typically takes between 140 and 160 hours to complete and courses include instruction in the use of statistical data analysis, designed experiments, team leadership, and project management.

Lean and Six Sigma training courses are available at every belt level. There are also various certifying bodies that offer certification for all belt levels. Getting these certifications is a concrete way of showing expertise within Lean Six Sigma concepts.

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