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What are massage courses? 

Just like any other subject offered through our website, massage courses are programs delivered by certified tutors at high academic levels.

Through both classroom lectures as well as practical workshops, you will be provided with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to improve your confidence and talent, preparing you for multiple roles when eventually working in the beauty industry.

How many massage courses are there?

Through a simple search on findcourses, you will be able to find over 200 remote as well as classroom-based massage courses offered by multiple reputable institutions around all over the UK.

From introductory diplomas to advanced certifications, you will surely find anything you might need, tailored especially to your needs and interests!

There are many different career routes to take if you’re interested in the massage therapy industry, some of which include:

  • Medical and Health Care
  • Spas
  • Franchises
  • Fitness and Sports
  • Self-Employment

Why should you take up a massage course?

If you’ve ever been or have just recently started to become interested in starting a whole new career in massage therapy, then these courses are a great first step. Through an extensive hands-on approach, professionals will help you get a basic feel and understanding of the core aspects and techniques, enhancing your overall knowledge and expectations.

As a result, you will gain the necessary skills required to independently prepare for and carry out basic massage treatments, as well as perform occasional desk duties in customer service and retention.

So, whether you’re aiming to become a professional massage therapist or simply interested in the area, have a look at our various courses and see which one is most suitable to your level and needs.

What massage courses are offered? 

As can be seen in the description of numerous massage courses offered by the several highly-acclaimed institutions around the UK, there are generally several key modules required to go through in order to officially qualify for the role of a massage therapist, some of which include: 

  • Essential Anatomy and Physiology
    • Body systems
    • Nervous system
    • Muscular system
    • Muscle groups
    • The skeletal system
    • Joints
    • Tendons and Ligaments

  • Understanding Massage
    • What is massage?
    • Types of massage
    • Massage suitability
    • How massage works
    • Benefits of massage
    • Equipment
    • Hygiene

  • Contraindications and Special Populations
    • Special populations
    • Pregnancy and massage
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Contraindications
    • Massage modifications

  • Client Consultation
    • Therapist safety
    • Client assessment
    • Care plan
    • Massage environment

  • Massage Techniques and Components
    • Massage tools
    • Pressure
    • Direction
    • Duration
    • Speed
    • Massage techniques
    • Friction

  • Massage Positions
    • Prone massages and techniques
    • Supine massages and techniques
    • Guidance for seated message

What study options are available for massage courses?

Massage courses offered from our website can be found all over the UK. You can either study in a classroom at a college or university, or you can choose to study online - whichever suits you best.


A classroom course will take place at a designed time and location. This is a great option for the individual who wants to take training into their own hands or a small business who just needs to have a few employees trained.


Online training is an option for those who favor flexibility. Individuals can participate in the course at their own pace and on their own time.

How much do massage courses cost?


From slow-paced classes for beginners to the more advanced ones for the pros, you will find anything you might need that ideally suits you and your goals!

Fees for these courses differ greatly too. Want to become a massage therapist but on a tight budget at the moment? Don't fret, we have a course at any price point!

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