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NLP Courses - Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training courses

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the interaction between the mind's functioning (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how this interaction affects our bodies and behaviour. In a business sense, NLP is a popular tool for performance coaching, personal therapy and sales professionals.

To learn more about NLP, just browse our course selection below and simply  'Request Information' from any of our qualified course providers.

Using NLP in Sales
Maguire Training
1 day
Delegates will learn how to use NLP to improve their sales performance. This programme focuses on using the tools and...
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Level 4 Practitioner
83 GBP
This course is delivered by one of two Master NLP Practitioners in Europe, David Key, and it will help you...
Effective Communication with NLP
Illumine Training
0.5 days
Effective communication skills for all… This course is not about NLP training; it’s about refining the communication process by making...
Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
33 GBP
The course is delivered by David Key, who is one of two Master NLP Practitioners in Europe. He will run...
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Level 3 Diploma
67 GBP
This course will run you through more advanced techniques used in NLP, a concept which has been found to be...
NLP Practitioner Course
Centre of Excellence Online Ltd
150 hours
127 GBP
Think how your life will change when you choose to be an NLP Practitioner Coach and have powerful skills that...
Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
Oxford Learning College
1 year
415 GBP
  Introduction NLP is used to enhance and develop successful personal and professional development. It involves the practice of understanding...
NLP Master Practitioner
Centre of Excellence Online Ltd
150 hours
63 GBP
Train to become a fully certified NLP Master Practitioner with the Online NLP Master Practitioner Course, learn powerful techniques that...
An Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Hemsley Fraser
2 days
999 GBP
Take your business relations and interpersonal skills to a new level with this exciting Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming course....
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NLP Training and Courses

Training courses in NLP Coaching / Neuro-linguistic Programming are based on the premise that the majority of human resources, strategies and cognition are unconscious. In this manner, NLP enables its beneficiaries to discover and utilise their hidden mental capacities. Professionally, neuro-linguistic programming is a recognised tool for change, personal development, and effective communication. NLP is specifically used in this capacity in the fields of business, sports, retail, sales and leadership.

Professionals can utlise NLP training as a guide and communication tool towards better understanding and developing projects and teams within the workplace. Overall, NLP can be a critical asset to professionals wishing to become impactful, effective leaders. In terms of personal development, neuro-linguistic programming also has its place. Individuals participating in NLP training can expect to learn how to coach themselves into desired change, resulting in the achievement of goals such as career advancement and personal development and fulfillment.

Training courses range from beginner 1-day courses to advanced, extended workshops. Courses may include topical emphasis in the likes of communication, self-help, leadership and more. When considering which NLP course is right for you, you may consider INLPTA (International NLP Trainer's Association) or ABNLP (The American Board of NLP) certifications, as marks of quality. Alternately, online coaching courses in NLP provide a flexible schedule to learn around the confines of a busy schedule.

NLP Training Courses - Target Audience

NLP training courses attract a diverse audience, ranging from teachers, consultants, psychologists, vendors, physical therapists, health professionals, social workers and psychologists to entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, coaches and counselors.

With the ultimate goal of maximising performance, satisfaction and choice, here's a taste of what one might learn at an NLP training course:

  • Finding core issues
  • Optimizing successful behaviors
  • Coaching yourself
  • Creating new perspectives and approaches
  • Changing thoughts and beliefs
  • Overcoming obstacles and breaking negative behaviors
  • Using NLP in Coaching and Change Management

NLP - A Valuable Selling Tool model, influence, persuade

In today's sophisticated buyer's market, NLP techniques have become increasingly popular sales tools for sales professionals seeking a competitive edge. By combining traditional sales practices with an in-depth emphasis on building and nurturing relationships with clients and potential clients, NLP sales professionals are able to model, influence and persuade others. One level deeper, NLP practice also allows sales professionals to best match products to the specific needs of each customer, resulting in a more enjoyable and streamlined buying process, rather than portraying the universally distasteful feeling of 'being sold to.'