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Frequently asked questions

  • A National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) is a work-based qualification that measures an individual's knowledge and skills in a specific occupational area. It is designed to demonstrate that an individual has the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their job to a nationally recognised standard.

  • The cost of an NVQ can vary depending on the level and the training provider. Funding options may be available, including government-funded apprenticeships or training schemes, employer sponsorship, or personal loans. Some NVQs may also be eligible for funding through the government's Advanced Learner Loan scheme.

  • NVQs are available at different levels, ranging from Level 1 (entry-level) to Level 7 (equivalent to a Master's degree). Each level reflects the complexity and depth of knowledge required for a particular job role. NVQs are comparable to other qualifications such as BTECs and A-levels, but they are specifically designed to assess workplace competence.

  • Jobs depend on the NVQ level and industry. Level 1 NVQ (basic level) are suitable for entry-level roles in hospitality, retail, and construction. Level 2 NVQs (intermediate level) can lead to more skilled roles in engineering, health and social care, and hairdressing. Level 3 NVQs (advanced level) are suitable for supervisory or management roles, such as business, construction, and healthcare.

  • Entry requirements for different NVQ levels vary, but in general: Level 1 NVQs have no formal entry requirements, Level 2 NVQs require a Level 1 NVQ or relevant work experience, and Level 3 NVQs require a Level 2 NVQ or relevant work experience. Some Level 3 NVQs may also require specific qualifications or certifications.

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