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Around the world OPITO training courses form the backbone of the oil and gas exploration industry that can be found in many of the areas of the world where carbon based fuels are extracted from the Earth.
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Who are OPITO?

Established as a number of independent boards in 1977, OPITO has been providing training courses for those working in the oil and gas exploration industry for over 30 years. These skills have been developed by the UK based industry and now provided to participants around the world as the global standard for oil and gas safety training. OPITO has been a major training provider throughout its history and bases the majority of its courses and skills on the training developed and delivered for UK based individuals working on oil and gas rigs in the North Sea.

Professional training courses approved by OPITO

One of the major areas OPITO looks to deliver courses in in the safety area of making sure individuals are safe and secure when they are travelling to and from oil and gas platforms. In the 21st century, this means that all participants take part in OPITO accredited courses that ensure each individual is competent in the use of compressed air emergency breathing equipment. As the majority of oil and gas platforms are located off shore the use of emergency breathing equipment can be important in the event of an emergency situation whilst travelling to the platform or after arriving.

Who are OPITO approved courses for?

OPITO also offers the training opportunities that can be enjoyed and used by members of the oil and gas industry who work on or offshore and are part of the safety and emergency response team for any organisation. From helicopter landing assistants to lifeboat members, the chance to take part in training courses that are recognised around the world is something that each oil and gas worker can use to their advantage. Alongside the safety training courses offered by OPITO, the accreditation group also offers a large number of options for those seeking expertise in a specific oil and gas based job.

Knowledge applications in the Oil & Gas sector

Whatever work is being completed on board an oil and gas exploration platform, the use of OPITO training courses is important in securing a role for any professional in the industry. Global accreditation sees these courses accepted by companies and governmental agencies in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Gaining OPITO training standards can allow an individual to explore job opportunities in many different areas of the world.

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