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Course participant reviews for MOL

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Based on 15 reviews.

Seona McLeod
I'd encourage anyone to do this course and you don't have to be in HR.  I spent 14 years in IT sales before taking redundancy and pursuing a new career in learning and development.
Janine Waters, HR Manager
Everything I learned was directly applicable to my day-to-day activities. As a result of the programme, I’m now confident that the advice I give and the processes I follow are appropriate and correct and it’s great to be in a position where I can provide proactive guidance without relying so much on other people for advice on how to do so.
Hollie Mann
I've found the MOL programme extremely beneficial to me and my organisation. It's furthered my HR knowledge and ensured that my foundation level skills are solid.
Koulton Bramley
The CIPR programme is brilliant. It’s helped me to develop my understanding of public relations in the wider context and improve my writing skills. I feel more confident producing press releases and statements. I learned so much from my tutor, the amount of real-life experience she brought was an added bonus.
The workshops exceeded my expectations and there were lots of activities. You did things in groups and got examples: this is how you potentially deal with something. It was great. It brought real life into it. It’s practical and I like practical.
Jo Mousley
Having a full time job and a young child meant that I needed flexibility. MOL's blended learning programme offered exactly what I required. I could study when it suited me.
Simon Thomas
The MOL course was well structured, with strong content and resources, and has enabled me to build credibility with existing and potential employers.
Sandy Williams
The programme has helped me tremendously in my role. It offered a good balance between study, work and family, could be completed in a year and was affordable.
The experience gained in the past few months has been quite incredible to me. Considering I didn’t know much at the start, just reflecting on the journey here makes me realise how much I have actually done. Presenting at meetings, designing a coaching programme, designing workshops, organising off-site training, evaluation reports – I could not ...
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Ian Francis
I can honestly say there hasn't been a day gone by where I haven't put my new found expertise to the test.  I'd thoroughly recommend the programme to any HR professional - put the work in and you will reap the rewards.
Julie Roberts
The MOL CIPD course changed me for the better. I cannot praise the tutor, the workshops and the programme enough. If you're in doubt about whether to join the course, do it. It may change your life too!
Julie O'Donnell
My tutor has been engaging, supportive and most generous is sharing her knowledge and experience. She added considerably to the enjoyment and value I got from my whole learning experience. She is a great tutor as well as being a real advocate of the skills and talents that we, as learning and development professionals, can develop and aspire to.
Aaron O'Neill
The tutors have been marvellous to work with. They understand the pressures we face, balancing the course, work and life.
Eleanor Pick
MOL was brilliant, everything ran smoothly and I would advise anyone to expand their qualifications as it was so worth while to deepen my skills base and learn new skills to help towards my future career.
Vincent Thomas
The MA in Human Resource Management and Development offered by MOL was a great opportunity for me to enhance my skills in human resources and apply the theory to a variety of real life professional and business contexts. The academics who taught the classes were extremely committed to the programme and struck the right balance between the theore...
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