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Nautilus - part of the RPS Group - Technical Training Courses for the Petroleum Industry

Over the past 17 years Nautilus has developed a portfolio of world-class training courses for professionals in the energy industry. Acquired by the RPS Group in March 2011, Nautilus is now part of the Energy division of RPS.

Starting from six member companies and an audience of 450 Geoscientists in the late nineties, Nautilus expanded from the UK to the US within three years. In 2004, Nautilus launched their Foundation Programme including a comprehensive training offer dedicated exclusively to new and junior staff with less than five years' experience, and those involved in cross-disciplinary oil & gas projects.

Top industry expertise for the Energy industry

Nautilus runs an extensive portfolio of open courses and in-house training programmes covering key disciplines within oil and gas:

  • Geophysics
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Structure and Tectonics
  • Basin Analysis
  • Stratigraphy
  • Clastics
  • Carbonates
  • Reservoir Development
  • Petrophysics
  • Unconventional Resources
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Industry Fundamentals
  • Professional Skills Development

Training Methodology: Classroom Training, Applied Concepts & Field Work

Nautilus' training specialists uniquely combine theory with practical applications and field work. Their open courses are delivered at numerous locations throughout the UK, continental Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, Asia Pacific. Field work locations are carefully selected to illustrate the geology of the region and provide a unique practical insight into the topic. Their in-house training programmes, fully customisable to meet company-specific requirements, are delivered at excellent destinations for learning, business and fun: from the Southern Bahamas, to the Italian Dolomites, Austrian Alps and the Great Karoo.

Why choose Nautilus?

Whether you choose an open course or an in-house solution, Nautilus has the expertise and dedication to help you and your team achieve your professional development goals. They offer:

  • top training expertise in the oil & gas sector and expert trainers
  • advanced technical and logistical expertise to run bespoke field courses
  • excellent networking opportunities during training events
  • convenient and flexible training packages tailored to your organisation
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Open / Scheduled
Coaching Length Price Location Reviews
Empowering Coaching Skills 2 days 1,456 GBP London
Human Resources
Learning & Development
Beyond PowerPoint: Advanced Presentation Skills 2 days 1,456 GBP London          
Essential Communication and Business Skills 5 days 3,640 GBP London          
Oil & Gas
Play Fairway Analysis and Prospect Evaluation: Key Concepts and Techniques 5 days 3,640 GBP London
An Introduction to Drilling and Wellsite Geology 5 days 3,215 GBP Multiple (2)          
Carbonate Depositional Systems: Reservoir Sedimentology and Diagenesis 5 days 3,215 GBP Multiple (2)          
Compartmentalization and Connectivity in Sandstone Reservoirs 5 days 3,805 GBP Multiple (2)          
Geochemistry and Petroleum System Modelling 5 days 3,215 GBP London          
Geomodeling for Unconventional Reservoirs 3 days 3,057 GBP Houston          
Geoscience for the Oil Industry: The Jurassic Coast Petroleum System (Dorset, UK) 3 days 3,116 GBP Dorset
Introduction to Clastic Depositional Systems: a Petroleum Perspective 5 days Worldwide
Overpressure in Petroleum Systems and Geopressure Prediction 3 days 1,929 GBP Multiple (2)          
Petroleum Economics and Risk Analysis 5 days 3,215 GBP Multiple (2)          
Recognition of Mudstone Depositional Processes & Depositional Settings: Implications for Reservoir Heterogeneity & Play Extent 4 days 4,076 USD Houston
Reservoir Characterization and Geostatistical Modeling in Field Development 5 days 3,215 GBP Multiple (3)          
Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterisation of Fluvial and Shallow Marine Reservoirs (Queensland, Australia) 6 days 7,240 USD Queensland          
Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy for Play Prediction and Basin Analysis 5 days 3,805 GBP Multiple (2)          
Structural Geology and Seismic Interpretation for Petroleum Exploration and Production 5 days 3,640 GBP London          
Tectonic Controls on Basin Development and Petroleum Systems 5 days 3,215 GBP Multiple (2)          
A Practical Introduction to Geological Interpretation of 3D Seismic Data 5 days 3,640 GBP London          
A Practical Introduction to Seismic Inversion 4 days 2,912 GBP Multiple (2)          
Depth Conversion Methods and Pitfalls 5 days 3,805 GBP London          
Geophysics for Subsurface Professionals 4 days 3,892 USD Houston          
Interpretation of 3D Seismic Data 4 days 2,572 GBP Multiple (2)          
Introduction to Seismic Interpretation 5 days 3,640 GBP Multiple (2)          
Professional Level Rock Physics and Seismic Amplitude Interpretation (AVO and Seismic Inversion) 3 days 1,929 GBP Multiple (2)          
Seismic Data Processing; Principles and Best Practices 5 days 5,095 USD Houston
Seismic Tools for Unconventional Reservoirs 4 days 4,076 USD Houston          
The Essentials of Rock Physics and Seismic Amplitude Interpretation 4 days 2,572 GBP Multiple (3)          
Workflows for Seismic Reservoir Characterisation 4 days 2,520 GBP Multiple (2)
Geological Interpretation of Well Logs 5 days 3,215 GBP Multiple (3)          
Modern Petrophysical Well Log Interpretation 5 days 4,865 USD Houston          
Reservoir Engineering
An Introduction to Reservoir Engineering for Geoscientists 4 days 2,912 GBP Multiple (3)          
Modern Completion and Production Enhancement Techniques 5 days 3,805 GBP Multiple (2)          
Petroleum Risk and Decision Analysis 3 days 3,044 GBP London          
Reservoir Engineering for Unconventional Gas and Tight Oil Reservoirs 4 days 4,076 USD Houston          
Reservoir Engineering Principles and Practice 5 days 3,805 GBP London          
Company-Specific / In-House
Communication Skills: Improve Personal and Team Performance 1-2 days (flexible) Worldwide
Team Leading
Managing Multidisciplinary Subsurface Teams 3 days Worldwide
Oil & Gas
Depositional Systems, Sequence Stratigraphy and Diagenesis of Carbonate Rocks 5 days (flexible) Worldwide
Seismic and Well Facies Mapping in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework 5 days (flexible) 4,089 USD Perth          
Structure and Fault Systems in Hydrocarbon Exploration (Southern Pyrenees, Spain) 6 days (flexible) Spain
Reservoir Engineering
Introduction to Production Operations 3 days (flexible) Worldwide          
PVT 3 days (flexible) Worldwide          

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Goldvale House, 27-41 Church Street West
GU21 6DH Woking, Surrey

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Geophysical Advisor   |   11/07/2016
Well run & organised - some of the recaps etc. could have been done at cooler locations. I enjoyed group exercises.
Geologist   |   29/06/2016
This is an outstanding course.
Senior Geologist   |   28/06/2016
- Keep it going. - Howard is a brilliant lecturer/field guide + one who challenges well. - Best field course since university!