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Leadership and Management Masterclass

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8 January, 2024 (+23 start dates)
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3 days
1,175 - 11,800 GBP excl. VAT
Next course start
8 January, 2024 (+23 start dates)
Course delivery
Classroom, Virtual Classroom
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Course description

The leadership and management masterclass is a thorough training that covers important attributes, qualities, and skill sets of management and leadership. The course will befit you if you want to become a better leader and manager in various capacities. It will give you all the necessary tools and techniques to advance your career as a manager and a leader. It is well-designed to benefit beginners and veterans in the managerial and leadership fields. The training offered in this course is significant to help you succeed as a manager and a leader by developing and retaining the necessary traits. Leadership skills will also help you acquire and inspire the best employees operating at optimum levels through proper management. After undertaking this course, you will have a different perspective on leadership and management styles and definitely, an improvement.

What is leadership masterclass training?

Leadership masterclass is a more specialized class for people seeking to be deeply experienced in leadership and management. It covers all the required aspects of leadership and management, emphasizing human-centric quality leadership. In a short explanation, after taking this class, you will be a Master of Leadership and Management.

Upcoming start dates

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8 January, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Munich

5 February, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Madrid

5 February, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

4 March, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

11 March, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

18 March, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Sharm El Sheikh

1 April, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Istanbul

1 April, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

27 May, 2024

  • Classroom
  • London

3 June, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Toronto

5 June, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

17 June, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

15 July, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Vancouver

7 August, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

12 August, 2024

  • Classroom
  • London

16 September, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Cape Town

16 September, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

21 October, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Singapore

21 October, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

28 October, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

4 November, 2024

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online

18 November, 2024

  • Classroom
  • London

23 December, 2024

  • Classroom
  • Dubai

Suitability - Who should attend?

Who should attend?

The Leadership and Management Masterclass by Rcademy is ideal for:

  • Departmental heads
  • Human resources managers
  • Supervisors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Executive members
  • Employees
  • Team leaders
  • Interested professionals

Outcome / Qualification etc.

The main objectives of this training course are to enable participants to be able to:

  • Learn how to improve their confidence and skills
  • Devote to planning, attaining efficiencies, and effectiveness as direct results of understanding better managerial methods
  • Have improved motivation
  • Understand the key elements of authentic leadership
  • Learn how to be more productive in leading others
  • Bring improved methods, skills, and techniques to their workplace
  • Develop endurance when dealing with difficult humans and employees
  • Make an action plan
  • Gain varied leadership and managerial skills
  • Understand how to use personal development
  • Learn the differences between being a leader and a manager
  • Understand the benefits of personal interactions

Training Course Content

Module 1: Leadership at a personal level

  • Introduction to self-leadership
  • Preferred behavioral styles
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Interpersonal skills that will help in creating a rapport
  • Changing your perception
  • Introduction to Management and Leadership
  • How to Become the forever learning manager
  • Applying theoretical knowledge to solving real-life Problems

Module 2: How to Become an influential manager

  • The Fears of influential leaders
  • The language of influential managers
  • Body language
  • Better than buy-in
  • Influencing your peers and boss
  • Personality clashes
  • Influencing others through listening
  • Gaining the influencing attributes
  • The Meaning of being influential
  • Dealing with problematic people
  • Understanding the people watching you
  • Communicating as an influential person
  • The need for a vision
  • Opposing Goals and Narratives
  • Working with SMART goals

Module 3: Prioritisation, delegation, and time management

  • Delegation and empowerment
  • Income-producing activities
  • Setting personal goals
  • Getting things done through other people
  • Batching and how it can win more time
  • Balancing the important and the urgent

Module 4: Presentation skills

  • Dealing with the chimp
  • Understanding the intellect
  • Using PEEL to make your points
  • Creating a SMART goal for your presentation
  • Taking care of your accent
  • Building your main body
  • Finding and defining the reason for your presentation
  • Getting your thinking right
  • An effective presentation
  • Tips to being heard
  • Understanding computers in presentation
  • Your reason why
  • Being understood
  • Presentation tools and how to use them correctly
  • Public speaking fundamentals
  • Understanding modulation
  • Creating a better call to Action
  • Creating a persuasive presentation
  • Choosing your words

Module 5: How management is related to leadership

  • Ethical issues
  • The secret six in business negotiations
  • Having a balanced life
  • Negotiation and persuasion: the keys to influence
  • Creating trust
  • Personal leadership traits
  • The nature of motivation
  • Appraisal and rewarding others
  • Ensuring you spend your time as a leader

Module 6: Human Resources and organizational culture

  • Creating a better learning and development environment
  • Teams and group dynamics
  • Delegating your time
  • Culture, values, vision, and norms
  • Fundamentals of human resources management
  • The three boxes of training your team
  • Preparing the employee to be part of your organization
  • Training needs analysis
  • How to choose the right training
  • Exploring added value training
  • Identifying training needs
  • Sheep dip or targeted?
  • Logistics planning
  • Compliance training
  • What is good training
  • Effective learning

Module 7: The lean process

  • Introduction
  • TIM Woods
  • Lean terms and ideas
  • Motivation – the two flavors
  • The PREPEC simple improvement process
  • Root cause analysis
  • Creating a process map
  • Exploring the why
  • Lean as a way of thinking
  • The cost of change
  • Planning your control mechanisms
  • Ten meeting musts
  • Analyzing potential ideas
  • How to make a Gantt chart
  • Implementing your changes

Module 8: The Manager as a Coach

  • How to create a personal legacy
  • Effective coaching meetings
  • Creating a personal style
  • Creating personalized learning plans
  • The value of maintaining a good relationship

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