2023 Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Courses

Explore the top 10 artificial intelligence (AI) courses that empower you with cutting-edge skills and knowledge. Position yourself for success in this transformative field.

2023 Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Courses

Welcome to the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence! In an era defined by unprecedented technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of innovation, shaping the way we live, work, and interact with the world.

Whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned professional looking to expand your horizons, AI courses offer a gateway to understanding and harnessing the immense potential of artificial intelligence.

In this rapidly evolving field, AI has transcended its science fiction origins to become an integral part of our daily lives. From self-driving cars to virtual personal assistants, AI systems are revolutionising industries and empowering individuals to tackle complex problems like never before.

As we delve into the intricacies of AI, you will embark on a journey that explores the foundations of machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more.

The AI courses listed on findcourses.co.uk are designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to unlock the limitless possibilities of AI technology. Whether you aspire to develop cutting-edge AI applications, leverage AI to enhance your career, or simply gain a deeper understanding of this transformative field, there are AI courses to meet your goals.

Prepare to delve into the realms of neural networks, data science, and ethical considerations in AI. Browse our top 10 most popular Artificial Intelligence courses below as we navigate the ever-expanding landscape of AI research, development, and application, and equip yourself with the tools to shape the future through artificial intelligence. 


Graduate Certificate in Industrial Automation Engineering

Engineering Institute of Technology

  Delivery: Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 6 months

  Price: 2,808 GBP excl. VAT

Discover the Future of Engineering Excellence

This industry-inspired Graduate Certificate in Industrial Automation Engineering at the Engineering Institute of Technology blends cutting-edge theory with hands-on skills, preparing you for the rapidly evolving world of industrial automation. With a global shortage of automation engineers and industries embracing computerised control systems, this certificate is your ticket to a future-ready career. 

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Artificial Intelligence in Banking

IFF - International Faculty of Finance

  Delivery: Classroom

  Duration: 2 days

  Price: 2,195 GBP excl. VAT

Propel Your Bank Into the AI Era

Unlock the future of banking with this Artificial Intelligence in Banking course at IFF - International Faculty of Finance. This dynamic course empowers you to craft a robust AI infrastructure tailored to your bank's needs, forge strategic multi-stakeholder AI alliances, and harness the freshest AI innovations across front and back offices. Dive into essential regulatory insights, grasp compliance essentials, and navigate the legal landscape for AI in banking.

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Machine Learning and AI Techniques

London Financial Studies

  Delivery: Classroom, Virtual Classroom

  Duration: 2 days

  Price: 4,020 USD, 3,530 GBP excl. VAT

Your Future in Finance Starts Here

Unleash the power of Machine Learning and AI Techniques with London Financial Studies. Dive into the heart of financial data mining and gain hands-on expertise in advanced data science techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning (DL). Through immersive workshops and real-world case studies, you'll master sentiment analysis, data classification, time-series forecasting, and pattern recognition using various neural networks.

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The Business Use of AI


  Delivery: Classroom, Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 7.5 hours spread over 3 days

  Price: 499 - 699 USD

Unlock the Potential of AI for Your Business

In a world where AI often garners attention for its flashy applications, The Business Use of AI training programme by Innoverto cuts through the hype to reveal the simple yet highly impactful AI approaches that drive real business value. Discover how to align AI technologies with your organisation's specific needs, making everyday processes smoother, more reliable, and profoundly productive. 

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ChatGPT for Consultants

The Midlife Revolution

  Delivery: Virtual Classroom

  Duration: 3 hours

  Price: 99 GBP excl. VAT

 Take Your Consulting Game to New Heights

If you're a consultant striving to outshine the competition, deliver exceptional value, and scale your practice, this ChatGPT for Consultants course by The Midlife Revolution is your game-changer. In just 3 hours, you'll unlock the full potential of ChatGPT, the AI language model that will supercharge your services, fuel innovation, and drive extraordinary outcomes for your clients.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in PR

Chartered Institute of Public Relations

  Delivery: Virtual Classroom

  Duration: 1 day

  Price: 475 GBP excl. VAT

Supercharge Your PR Practice with AI

Level up your PR game with Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in PR from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Dive into the realm of AI-powered PR and discover how it can improve campaign efficiency and effectiveness. From research and planning to content creation, media relations, stakeholder engagement, and performance evaluation, you'll uncover how AI supercharges every facet of PR practice. 

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Artificial Intelligence - BCS Foundation Certificate

Duco Digital Training

  Delivery: Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 60 hours

  Price: 599 GBP excl. VAT

Advance Your AI Expertise

Supercharge your AI journey with the Artificial Intelligence - BCS Foundation Certificate by Duco Digital Training. Elevate your AI knowledge and skills, exploring core principles, potential implications, and product assessment. This certificate tests your grasp of AI terminology and principles, covering ethical AI, machine learning basics, project challenges, and the AI-driven future of work.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certification Training Course


  Delivery: Classroom, Virtual Classroom

  Duration: 5 days

  Price: 1,875 - 7,280 GBP excl. VAT

Unleash the Power of AI for Business Success

Take your career to the next level with Rcademy's AI Certification training course. Delve into AI's limitless possibilities, transforming industries and businesses with efficiency, cost savings, and market expansion. Designed for data enthusiasts, analysts, managers, IT pros, and entrepreneurs, the course offers insights into AI's diverse applications and evolving tools. 

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Artificial Intelligence for Executives : Creating and Capturing Value Through Artificial Intelligence

London Premier Centre

  Delivery: Classroom, Self-Paced Online

  Duration: 5 days

  Price: 1,350 - 4,600 GBP excl. VAT

Shape the Future of Value Creation

In today's data-driven world, AI is the ultimate catalyst for transformation and innovation. Global executives, it's time to equip yourself with the knowledge to boost your individual and organisational performance while navigating the opportunities and challenges AI brings. In this AI training course for Executives by London Premier Centre, discover how AI can revolutionise your firm, offering new advantages and innovative business models. 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and FCA Compliance: A primer for Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit

Corporate Training Partnerships

  Delivery: In Company, Virtual Classroom

  Duration: 6 hours

  Price: 745 GBP excl. VAT

Master AI's Compliance Landscape

Stay ahead in AI and FCA compliance with Corporate Training Partnerships' AI and FCA Compliance course. This one-day course cuts through the AI noise and covers key aspects in four sections: understanding AI fundamentals, identifying business impacts and risks, adapting Risk and Compliance practices, and exploring AI's potential in compliance and risk teams.

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Mastering the Future: AI Courses for Tomorrow's Innovators

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Carol Pang is a Content Manager for findcourses.co.uk. Prior to this, she has 12 years of experience in the corporate and financial sectors.  She believes that people are fundamental to an organisation’s success and that effective training can create a motivated and engaged workforce. (Show less)


Carol Pang is a Content Manager for findcourses.co.uk. Prior to this, she has 12 years of experience in the corporate and financial sectors.  She believes that people are fundamental to an organisation’s success and that effective training can create a motivated and engaged workforce.