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If you're a long-time professional in the field of finance or accounting, perhaps it's time to consider boosting your resume or CV with a CIMA course. Likewise, if you're new to the field, a CIMA course can get you the attention you need from employers trying to recruit fresh talent.

Either way, in a field that is constantly growing and changing, a CIMA course offers participants the chance to develop new skills while also staying up to date on industry knowledge. Plus, employers are way more likely to promote and hire professionals who have demonstrated a committment to both their career and professional development.

Continue reading to learn more about CIMA and the available CIMA courses that will fit any schedule or budget.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Founded in 1919 as the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants (ICWA), CIMA has operated under its current name since 1986. CIMA has devoted over 90 years of experience to improving the national financial environment and better prepare professionals in this sector. The training scheme and the accrediation received enables professionals to expand their knowledge in new sectors and improve the consulting services in accountancy and book keeping. 

CIMA operates various standard qualifying examinations for prospective members. It additionally promotes local education, training and management development operations, and new techniques through its research foundation and breaks down and analyses management accounting practices through its publications and other media related activities. CIMA has recently been active in vocational and educational initiatives in former Eastern bloc countries. Its monthly journal, 'Financial Management',  is supplied free to members and students registered in CIMA courses.

The Why's and How's of CIMA Membership

Chartered management accountants who complete CIMA courses are better prepared to meet the challenges of today's volatile financial market. The CIMA skillset is meant to improve the strategic thinking of finance professionals and improve their immediate response to the market demands. CIMA courses are offered at different levels and conclude with qualifications and diplomas that certify expertise in management accountancy.

Because CIMA certification carries a lot of weight in the industry, it is no surprise that it is a bit of a process to gain membership. The two grades of full membership are Associate, designated by the letters ACMA, and Fellow, designated by the letters FCMA. In order to become an associate member, candidates must have completed a period of qualifying practice consisting of at least three years which has been documented and signed by appropriate witnesses, passed the institute's 18 qualifying examinations which include three integrated case study exams under the 2015 syllabus, and finally they must be proposed and seconded for membership by two individuals with direct experience of the candidate's work experience. Fellow level membership additionally includes appropriate experience at a senior level.

CIMA Certification with the help of CIMA Courses

The first step to CIMA certification is registration with CIMA. However, after one is a member, they can sign up for outside CIMA courses that will provide the necessary experience for certification. These courses exist for all levels of students. Benefits of taking a course is that participants will have an experienced guide who will teach them the exact skills they need and the required knowledge for the tests. These classes are available in the classroom and online, so learners can choose the best option for them.

There are also many courses available that are CIMA accredited. These courses are for those who are already CIMA associates or fellows and want to advance their skills. One example of this is a course that teaches how to use accounting software that is preferred by CIMA.

Not Looking for CIMA Courses? Similar Training Areas

CIMA is just one area of available finance courses. Courses are available in the classroom, on-site, and online. The broad range of courses and availability means that anyone can choose the course that will suit them best. An area of courses closely related to finance is business and management. Like finance, business and management courses cover a broad range of subjects and are available in many formats. 

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