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More about Communications and Media Training Courses

Enhance your media exposure through effective communications and PR

 is a broad term that covers a number of different communication skills and functions. Most, if not all, are required to some extent in every business and industry. Assertiveness, influence and negotiation tactics are some of the key functions of corporate communications, that is often carried out through media agents and outlets.

With the changes brought by the online media environment, it is likely that the future holds communication challenges - but also many new opportunities - for most organisations. But in what direction should the future of the media move - and what training is required to ensure that those in media are on top of their game and communicating to their best abilities? Courses in communications and media range from printed mass media, audiovisual media and new media technologies and social channels.

Communication Skills

Communication is a major component of the overall interaction between people. The topics covered in communication training courses generally cover the all important issues of 'what the different forms of communication are, how communication problems can be a challenge for you at work, as well as how communication problems can be solved. Courses in communication give particular priority to development work, projects and evaluations in media, information technology and communications, including marketing.

Develop a successful PR strategy and an influential brand

Training courses in Public Relations (PR) are designed to give delegates insight into the workings of the press, and knowledge of how to use the media to position companies, brands and organisations in a positive light, and communicate key messages to various audiences.

Training courses in PR vary from courses in corporate PR, technical skills in writing press releases or courses for individuals who want to know how to start a career in PR. Public Relations professionals working closely with journalists may benefit from a course in journalism.

An emerging and increasingly important branch of PR is social media with many businesses now relying on PR professionals to manage their reputation online and their communication via social media channels. Training courses in social media can help PR professionals use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of their overall public relations strategies.

Many businesses rely on events as effective public relations tools, using them to communicate specific messages to target markets and training courses in events management in London and other areas of the UK can help PR professionals gain specialist skills in this area.

Cross-cultural communication

Intercultural communication
is the communication that occurs between people of different cultural backgrounds. It includes details on how one should behave within their own and others' culture and allows us to appreciate the variation that exists in our dealings with each other. Intercultural communication enables a flexible exchange of ideas between people belonging to different cultural traditions, focusing on important features of multi-cultural societies, and addresses both those business professionals that have contact with people from different backgrounds. After a training course in intercultural communication delegates have a better and more sensitive understanding of cultural meetings and can better manage the communication that takes place in the international business world.

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