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Data Protection Courses and Information Security

In the age of data, organisations everywhere are collecting data to better understand their product and customers, and to improve their performance with insights. With incredible amounts of data being collected, data protection has grown into an invaluable and thriving industry.

Data protection courses focus on information security laws in their various forms, regulations and the technical resources that professionals and companies have in order to sufficiently protect their data and can relate to physical security when servers and other hardware must be safely secured. Data protection courses are available in many formats and with a focus on each aspect of data protection and information security.

Data Protection and Information Security Law in the United Kingdom

Information security requires specialised assistance in wide areas of professional activity. Experts in data protection mitigate for both companies' and individuals' rights, from access to information,  to transparency requirements when using sensitive personal data, or potential legal action taken upon infringement of freedom of information rights.

In the United Kingdom, data protection requirements are regulated via the Data Protection Act of 1998, the Freedom of Information Act of 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations applicable since 2004. The instances where data protection law and information security guarantees can become the subject of legal action require qualified staff that can respond to private and public customers' demands.

Security of Financial Data

Advanced knowledge of financial law and data protection law overlap in many sensitive areas of expertise. A proper handling of mergers, acquisitions and restructuring is demanded to professionals who want to improve the data security of their own company or provide financial consultancy to other organisations. Employment law and the regulation of contracts also pertain to the FOI Act legislation, based on the increasing need to secure data in the online environment and across nations.

IT Data Protection

Security strategies and more specific encryption of electronic devices enable IT professionals to protect data and offer reliable technical support to all companies with online-based services, or requiring additional hardware encryption. Our training recommendations include comprehensive courses  security implications and IT Security best practice.

Data protection courses are available for those starting out in the industry as well as for the professional looking to stay abreast of the latest developments.

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