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MBA UK programmes are designed to enhance the business skills and careers of working professionals. A typical MBA candidate boasts significant management experience as well as an established career within a firm.
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More about MBA UK Programmes

What is an MBA UK Programme?

MBA UK programmes are designed as an opportunity for experienced professionals to obtain an MBA in a way that fits into their professional commitments and ambitious career plans. In fact, simultaneous employment is a key factor in many MBA UK programmes. With a specific focus on enhancing the careers of working executives, MBAs are often company sponsored and offered on a schedule that minimises disruption of work and personal pursuits. Further, MBAs are appropriately tailored to specific industries or specialisations or rather, designed to be customisable to each candidate’s work and career path.

Grounded in practical application, MBA UK programmes practice immersion education, in which candidates receive intense course loads that are designed to transform and boost their skills. Programme curricula typically incorporate a combination of lecture, discussion, case studies and group and individual projects of analytical and innovative nature. Combined with a secure professional setting, this practical course work provides the ideal scenario for understanding and retention. That is, by being able to immediately apply skills in an actual company allows delegates and their companies to directly benefit from new knowledge and skills.

Beyond a professional skill set, an MBA also provides the soft skills that are characteristic of any great leader. A large component of MBA UK programmes is communication. Whether it be with professors, classmates or with actual clients involved in programme-sponsored consulting projects, excellent communication and presentation skills are obligatory.

Nestled in the theme of communication is the motif of shared knowledge. This is embodied in the high emphasis on networking in typical MBA curricula. That is, MBA UK programmes are just as much about the knowledge, skills and experiences gained from one’s classmates as that from lectures and coursework. The network of friends and classmates garnered from an MBA UK programme are known to follow candidates through their careers and possibly lifetimes. When it comes to professional value and career opportunities, the continuous communication and relationship-building that creates this strong network of knowledge sharing is invaluable. As such, classmates and alumni networks allow delegates to view challenges and opportunities from the perspectives of others as well as learn from their experiences and professional expertise.

Who is the MBA UK Programme Designed For?

MBA candidates are generally professionals working in the upper stratum of companies or organisations. Further, they have usually had the time and experience to specialize in a specific field or industry. Typical candidates may include high-calibre managers, executives and entrepreneurs.

MBA UK programme students generally enrol in a programme in order to further develop their skills in general management, leadership and finance skills, usually with the goal of future career advancement or in connection with a new or anticipated promotion. Beyond the typical undergraduate degree and few years of professional experience, MBA candidates are expected to hold anywhere from 5 to 10 or more years of managerial experience.

Benefits of an MBA UK Programme

An MBA will definitively set you apart and provide you with a genuine edge. Whether the goal is to advance within a current organisation, take on new or global responsibilities, make a career change or pursue entrepreneurship, an MBA can provide candidates with the knowledge, soft skills and competitive network required for success.

Unique to the MBA UK programme experience and magnified in an MBA, delegates from all breadths of the business world are brought together in a holistic experience of learning, knowledge sharing and networking. The variety of nationalities, industries and cultures not only broadens perspectives and enhances class debate and discussion, but ultimately provides students with a close-knit, internationally diverse professional network. As the delegates combine their experience and skills together, allowing for the sharing of diverse perspectives on various topics, resulting in a challenging, stimulating learning experience that provides for maximum return on time and resources invested.

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