Fire Alarm Installation Training Courses

Safety doesn't happen by accident.

Fire alarm installation courses help professionals protect the health and safety of people and property. Fire safety is critical to building maintenance and fire alarms are a crucial part of that. 
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Fire alarm installation courses 

Safe and effective fire alarm installation is imperative to the safety of buildings, structures and most importantly, people. Fire alarm installation courses help ensure that professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their responsibilities. Fire alarm installation courses will cover the entire installation process with varying models of fire alarms, relevant regulations and key concepts such as inspecting and identifying faulty alarm systems.

Fire alarm installation training essentials:

The safety of occupants in a residential space or commercial space is not to be compromised. Having an effective and working fire alarm system in place and the functionality and the reliability of such systems could mean the difference between life and death. Fire alarm systems work as a life safety function for the occupants of buildings including hospitals, offices, public and private schools, shopping malls and theatres, etc.

Fire alarm installation courses address the significance of having an operating alarm in all buildings and indoor spaces. Through these fire alarm installation courses,  professionals are prepared with adequate knowledge and theory and practical know-how of installations and maintenance of fire alarm systems. Realising the importance of such systems, a number of training academies and institutions today are offering several training programmes on fire alarm installations and maintenance.

Why choose a fire alarm installation course?

Fire alarm installation courses and training programmes are designed for professional development within the sphere of alarm systems and relating to set-up, maintenance and safety alarm auditing. Topics covered are of particular interest to installation and fire system engineers, technicians, fire alarm sales people, designers, other fire alarm related professionals.

Professionals working with fire alarms and safety auditing professionals will benefit from detailed knowledge of how fire alarms function, their value to safety, and techniques used in regular maintenance and testing. In-depth knowledge will also be gained in integrating fire systems with other equipment. Electrical installation companies, already installing and working with conventional systems, will benefit from training their employees in fire alarm installation.

The basics of fire installation courses

These fire installation training programmes aim to equip the participants with fundamental skills needed to recommend, upgrade or install fire alarm systems and equipment in different buildings and premises. Other topics discussed in such training programmes include building fire risk assessment, fire alarm components and equipment, different categories in fire alarm systems, maintenance planning and execution, designs of fire alarm systems, introduction to different types of detectors, installations of detectors, wiring different fire alarm category systems and using correct connectors and enclosures in wiring, identifying faults in different fire alarm components, etc.

Training format

Fire alarm installation courses are typically delivered in a face-to.face format, due to the highly practical nature of installing fire alarm systems. Theoretical instruction of the various components of a fire alarm are combined with hands-on practice in installing live alarms. In some cases, blended learning is used to cover the conceptual aspects of fire alarm installation, while practical training is held in the classroom. Under highly flexible circumstances, skills testing can take place in person while all other instruction is done online or via distance learning. 

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