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Courses in heating systems installation are advantageous to personnel at every level in this specialised and interesting field, and training is available in a wide range of locations.
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What does heating installation training entail?

Advanced heating installation training courses cover every aspect of the subject, from traditional gas and electric heating installation modes to modern solar powered energy efficient systems. Participants can select training programmes that best suit their needs from a wide range of courses offered by industry recognised schools and colleges throughout the UK and Europe.

Courses available today

Modern heating installation has become an increasingly complex subject as systems develop to suit the requirements of a changing world. As fossil fuels are less abundant manufactures have had to look to other energy sources such as solar power and wind power for solutions that will fill a real need in the future. Today's training courses address the need for engineers and technicians who have an in depth knowledge of a diverse variety of equipment, technology and systems from traditional gas boilers and electric radiators to large scale units for factories and manufacturing plants.

Students who embark on advanced heating installation training modules will be arming themselves with internationally recognised accreditation that will allow them to build rewarding careers in a fascinating and ever changing sector. Those already working in the heating installation sector can benefit from training in new technology and business practice, and many colleges have links with local companies who can provide hands on experience. From domestic heating installation training courses comprising the latest gas, electric and solar applications to training in large scale commercial and industrial systems, study can be tailored to the requirements of students at every level.

Internationally recognised qualifications for the construction industry

As the planet's fossil fuel supplies diminish, heating installation engineers are highly sought after in an attempt to find the most viable eco-friendly and cost effective solutions. A comprehensive knowledge of everything from under floor heating to combination systems that use traditional gas, oil or electric alongside solar power allows heating installation students to advance their careers to an incredible level. Participants can take heating installation courses in some of the most exciting locations in the UK and Europe. Studying in cities like London, Aberdeen or Frankfurt allows students to explore a vast range of heating installation training techniques, while providing ready access to some of the most prominent employers in the field.

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